Here are the bios for past members / hired guns of CAROLINE BLUE. Please note that all of these were created / posted at the time when that person was in the band in whatever capacity-hence, they might be a little different if written today…

ANDY (DOC) GORE (Da Admiral of Arrogance)

Bass, Backing & Lead Vocals
August 18, 2008-April 12, 2010
Shows Played-50
Videos Featured-2

Andy “Doc” Gore is a multi-instrumental musician having varied experience wielding bass, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, lead singer and even drums,
trumpet and baritone. Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he studied guitar under Pete Trinas and art and music at the University of Florida, Gainsville. He has played in several bands including Beyond World’s End, Silence Bleeds, Savage Jack, Mirage, Grim Reaper (not the 80’s hair metal band), & The Garage Band. Doc first met CAROLINE BLUE at a show where both CB & his then band Silence Bleeds were on the same bill. When the bass position opened up , it was only a matter of time before Doc found himself with CAROLINE BLUE.


JOE BOYLE (Bud’s Best Friend)

Drums, Backing Vocals
June 10, 2008-April 12, 2010
Shows Played-52
Videos Featured-2

Joe realized at an early age that he had a knack for learning songs quickly. The question was-which instrument to focus on? Early attempts at piano, trumpet, & string bass were to no avail. It wasn’t until he started playing his 1st drum kit-made by Folgers-that Joe started to find his groove. Joe started with early AC/DC and Rush’s 2112 album and never looked back. Jamming with a number of musicians thru out the years, Joe found his way to doing some roadie work with the band Love Bone. Thru them, Joe eventually discovered and became the newest member of CAROLINE BLUE!


JOHNNY SNIPER (The Excellence of Sexcellence)

Bass, Backing & Lead Vocals
September 7, 2006-July 23, 2008
Shows Played-21

Chris started out singing the day after being mesmerized at an Yngwie Malmsteen / Iron Maiden concert in 1987. Although vocals are his 1st weapon of choice, Chris is also “Metal Fluent” on guitar and bass. Former and some present bands are Lost Reality, Untaymed, Doc Savage(80’s Metal Tribute), Sniper, and British Steel (Judas Priest tribute). Although vocals are his main influence, as of 2006 Chris had been searching to be part of a team unit to spread the word of Melodic Rock / Metal even if it meant switching from lead vocals. CAROLINE BLUE was missing one ingredient for the band and Chris happened to approach Wayne. After a lengthy battle (in which Wayne won because Chris was unaware he was fighting Wayne’s stunt double-allowing Wayne to strep in fresh to beat him easily), and deciding that “At least-being a bassist-I’ll get laid more than a guitarist!”, Chris became the latest addition to the CAROLINE BLUE family.


“MONSTER” MIKE MERRIFIELD (The Excellence of Execution)

Temp. on Drums, Backing Vocals
July 31, 2005 / September 7, 2006 / June 30, 2007-January 4, 2008
Shows Played-5
Videos Featured-1

Mike’s career in music was initiated when he discovered his mother’s retired drumsticks. Pulling them from the drawer, he began practicing for the path that has led him thru many bands-including Tormentor, Legacy, Eklypse, Dorian Grey, New Reign, Four Large Men, Spider Babys, Dogs on Mars and his current band, One Hard Krank. He has helped CAROLINE BLUE many times in the past thru various means. Monster Mike played on the tracks “Hard Life,” “The Queen of Pleasure” and “Slave to the Hourglass” on the CAROLINE BLUE CD “Slave to the Hourglass.” In addition, Da Monster also played on all twelve tracks on the new CAROLINE BLUE CD “Not For The Innocent.” Currently, Mike is a temp. on the CB drum throne until a permanent drummer can be found.


JOSH “WILDMAN” DEAN (Master of Da Mootie)

Drums, Backing Vocals
October 17, 2006-June 24, 2007
Shows Played-15

Josh Dean was born into a family of rockers and by the age of 2 wanted a guitar so he could “sing and play along” to all the awesome 80’s hits. By the time he was 4 he had made his most memorable moment as a young child-playing on a toy drum set at a friends house; which would be the start to his instrument of choice. In elementary school Josh couldn’t wait till he was old enough to play in band and finally was able to play at the age of 10. He got his own snare drum at the age of 11 and by the time he was 12 Josh had his own rocking Pearl drum kit that he still loves to rock on today. Josh was the talk of the town when he made his first public appearance in 7th grade, at the age of 13, rocking out Smoke On The Water with the schools jazz band. Two years later Josh joined his first rock band called The Pistols in which he really got to feel out the rock drum kit while playing every oldie but goodie known to man and putting a heavier modern feel to it. In his senior year of high school he became a member on the Conference All-State Band (the highest honor for a high school student in band) and was a featured soloist there on the drum set. He became a music major in college after graduating and started working on playing the electric guitar and the bass guitar, because he figured out that girls can touch you when you aren’t a drummer. He can now fluently play both. While sitting in for a song at a recent show by One Hard Krank, Josh became exposed to CAROLINE BLUE and heard they were looking for a permanent drummer. After talking with the guys (and agreeing to do their laundry for the next 6 months-no easy task let me tell ya!), Josh joined CAROLINE BLUE & now he is here to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!!


AZRIEL “THE GHOUL” MORDECAI (Master of Da Panther)

Bass, backing Vocals
November 28, 2005-September 10, 2006
Shows Played-7
Videos Featured-1

Azriel was born & raised in the sunny land known as Upstate NY. Originally destined to fulfill his dream as a caretaker for the Pink Panther, Azriel’s path was forever changed when he saw Motley Crue. He knew that from then on he would be a musician. He started out as a drummer, but within a year received his 1st bass (a 4 string early 70s Kingston) and made the switch. Rumour has it he switched when he heard that drummers never get laid….He also began playing guitar & keyboards and formed/ joined several punk bands that were influenced by Black Flag & The Misfits. He then formed The Venus Faith Asylum-which has been his longest running single project. Frequent lineup conflicts, however, caused the band to do little more than rehearse & record-playing sporadic shows. He worked briefly with Krypt VI before co-forming The Prophecy-then continued in nomadic fashion to cross genres;playing classic rock, experimental electronica, and punk rock (again) before joining Zadoc…and the Nightmare in mid 2003. It was while with Zadoc that Azriel came into contact with CAROLINE BLUE and was contacted as a late fill-in for bassist Billy Pierce at the 2005 Boilermaker in Utica, NY. A few months later, Billy had to leave the band and Azriel was brought in to fill the void.


(King of Da Cheddar)

Drums, Backing Vocals
May 31, 2004-February 13, 2006
Shows Played-48
Videos Featured-5

The man known by burger joints all across the country as “J” started playing drums while 1st listening to Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” album. Although a tad confused (he was drumming with only 1 arm) things were relatively normal for him. However, upon hearing “Painkiller” by Judas Priest, “J” gave his life to Music & Metal and never looked back (He also started using both arms!). “J” has been involved with a few bands in the Providence / Boston area-most notably Asylum Choir and Immortal Soul. He was also involved with a few bands in the CNY area, but they never got past the rehearsal halls. Not content to just sit around and do nothing, he started doing his own thing. “J” was involved in a project called “Damn the Nations”and also started work on a CD called “Heaven Burns Down”-which, to date, remains unfinished. Driven to find a band that he can call home (as well as a place where one can eat a decent BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger-served by a hot babe of course…..), “J” eventually found his way to CAROLINE BLUE.


“BAD BOY” BILLY PIERCE (Lover of Tuna)

Bass, Backing & Occasional Lead Vocals
November 2, 2004-October 28, 2005
Shows Performed-40
Videos Featured-5

Bill was born in a very musical family. Every family member from his great grandparents to his little sister have been involved in music. Young Bill knew he wanted to play Rock & Roll when he saw KISS on The Paul Lynn Halloween Special in 1976. He started out on drums in elementary school, but switched to bass at age 16. Helping to form the all original hard rock band Harbinger in 1989, they played thru out NY state before breaking up in 1991. In the summer of ’91 he helped form the all original band Archivon-whose music was in the vein of Iron Maiden & Queensryche. They played thru out NY state and showcased at The Empire Music Conference in 1993. After the band split up in 1995, Bill played in a couple local cover bands. In the fall of 2003 Bill, sick of playing covers in local dives, decided to take a break. He remained in that state until he saw CAROLINE BLUE’s ad in The Syracuse New Times seeking a new bass player. Liking what he saw & heard, Bill joined the band and had everything down in record time.


(Karma Sutra Master)

September 6, 2003-October 31, 2003
Shows Played-4
Videos Featured-2

No one knows where the man only known as “Small” comes from…No one knows what he wants or needs…All that is known is that, one day, Kenny Thunder was gone and “Small” was in his place. For how long, only “Small” knows…or any of the hot babes that seem to follow him everywhere from show to show!


BRIAN “HAM” HAMILTON (Reigning Lord of Bop Magazine Centerfolds)

Bass, Backing & Occasional Lead Vocals
December 16, 2002-November 2, 2004
Shows Performed-11
Videos Featured-4

HAM was corrupted at the tender age of 5 by his older brother HAM-BONE. He cranked up his KISS 8-track to vol.8 (Back then they couldn’t go to 10), and young HAM was forever scarred by the event. At age 13 he performed his 1st show-lip syncing to KISS in a backyard-complete w/ makeup, pyro, logo, costumes-and a drum set made of garbage cans and paper plates! (And there’s rumors that a video of this exists!). This was before any tribute bands came into existence so young HAM was already blazing trails that no one had gone before. By the mid 80s he discovered Iron Maiden and The Red Hot Chili Peppers-in addition to falling under the spell of Rap Music. “I can’t sing to save my life, but I can rap like nobody’s bidness!” His 1st band was in high school with the legendary Greasy Feces-known more for their name than their music. A few less than memorable ones followed. In the late 90’s, HAM was in the band Pop Rox-which was an 80s dance/rock band. Eventually, HAM found his way into CAROLINE BLUE. His new goal in life now is to change the name of the band to CAROLINE HAM.


KENNY “THUNDER” SIMPSON (Master of Big Stick Twirlin’)

April 15, 2003-August 26, 2003
Shows Performed-1
Videos Featured-1

Kenny began his fascination with drums when he was 11 years old. At the time, his only purpose in life was to see how many times he could watch the “Where’s The Beef?” Wendy’s commercial in 1 day. Then he saw Buddy Rich playing on the Tonight Show and his life changed. “I can beat things….and get paid to do so!”….Thus Kenny began his path onto musical stardom. Along the way, he has been involved in several local bands including Alecstar, Holly & The New Yorkers and 200 proof. He eventually came within the gravitational pull of CAROLINE BLUE and has been with them ever since.


“MARVERENO” (MARV HILL to his creditors) (Keeper of Da Big “P”)

October 20, 2002-January 25, 2003
Shows Performed-2
Videos Featured-2

The man, myth and legend known as “Marvereno” was first known to lay his hands on a big stick 27 years ago. From that moment on, his life was forever changed. He is ever searching for the perfect drink and the ultimate woman (hopefully the later will be serving him the former!). In his quest he has blasted thru several bands such as Essex, Backseat Romeo, Game Face, Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith Tribute), Benny Mardones and currently Ozone. His quest has now lead him to CAROLINE BLUE. The consummate party animal, Marvereno is rumored to have a LARGE penis so ladies, you have been warned…


LANE PIERONI (Foot Flasher Par Excellence)

Bass / Backing Vocals
October 20, 2002
Shows Performed-0
Videos Featured-1

Lane started out in life as a normal everyday kid. That all changed when he went to his 1st KISS concert and was right in front of the God of Thunder himself-Gene Simmons! Struck by inspiration (as well as a huge wad of blood from Gene’s mouth), Lane quickly sold everything he had to get gear and joined his 1st band. Their first show made a lot of money but unfortunately, in his passion to play, Lane had sold all his clothes (!) and played his first show butt naked! As a reminder of this lesson, Lane occasionally rehearses / play shows bare foot. Lane too has been thru several bands including Sage, Triple X, Mayhem,Menace, Onyx, YKK, Cry Wolf, The Corporation and also currently, Ozone. Lane followed Marvereno into the CAROLINE BLUE camp to help keep him out of trouble because “…Well,…SOMEBODY has too!!!…”


ROY “ST. JAMES” COSTON (Legendary Master of Finger Pointing)

Bass, Lead Guitar, Backing & Occasional Lead Vocals
December 1, 2001-June 1, 2002
Shows Played-5
Videos Featured-0

Roy started out playing guitar at the ripe age of 11. He is no stranger to the Central New York music scene, being the lead guitarist for such bands as Ardent and DC Strut. Ardent was featured on an album titled “Lady Killers Volume 2” on the New Renaissance label. DC Strut attracted attention in the Central New York and New York City areas-along with some acclaim at the LA Foundation Forum in 1989. He has also sung backing vocals for the internationally known band Raven on their “Nothing Exceeds Like Excess” album. In addition, he was the lead guitarist in a band with Wayne called Four Large Men-which lasted for eight years before collapsing under its own weight. Roy then decided to take a break and devote his time to a new hobby-breeding and raising hobbits. When Wayne called for help with the beginnings of CAROLINE BLUE, Roy responded (by saying “How much money are ya talkin’?”) and helps to form the musical backbone of CAROLINE BLUE. Concert goers beware-no one is safe from the deadly fingers of Roy St. James!!!


DAVE VICTORY (The Man with Da Big Stick)

December 1, 2001-June 1, 2002
Shows Played-6
Videos Featured-0

Dave started playing drums at the age of 10 (his involvement with “Big Sticks” actually started much earlier, but that’s for another time…) with one of his primary influences being his older brother Billy Bim Jo Victory. Dave has provided the back beat for several Upstate New York bands including Jabb, Nasty Habit, Talisman, Axis, The Silk Road Band, Smokin Worm, Tastes Like Chicken and Front Row. He has also played the role of a “hired gun” and has filled in for dozens of one shot gigs. When Wayne sent out the call for drummers for CAROLINE BLUE, Dave responded (in the exact same way Roy St. James did-talk about band chemistry!). Always scanning the crowd (Dave knows what he likes and knows what he sees…although sometimes the two don’t connect), Dave brings some levelheadedness into the band so that Wayne’s ego doesn’t go TOO far into the stratosphere.




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