CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock Band based in Syracuse, NY. Their songs are similar in style & sound to KISS w/ touches of LA Guns, Dokken, Megadeth, Chevelle & Type O Negative thrown in at times.


CAROLINE BLUE has released 2 CD’s to date

-“Not For The Innocent” (2007)-
-“Slave to the Hourglass” (2005)-

CAROLINE BLUE was the winner of the Best Rock N Roll Original Band at the 1st Annual Upper State Indie Awards (USI AWARDS) in 2007 (Syracuse, NY)

“Slave to the Hourglass” was nominated for Best Rock CD at the 2006 SAMMY (SYRACUSE AREA MUSIC AWARDS) Awards (Syracuse, NY)

“Slave to the Hourglass” CD distributed by HELLION RECORDS in Germany

-CAROLINE BLUE has also had their songs on several compilation CDs. They include…

-CNY Rock Productions Presents The Rock of CNY Vol. 1 (2012)-
-Fingerlakes Metalfest CD Sampler (2009)-
-Music For Troops Digital Compilation (2009)-
-Metal Vs. Rock Vol.4 (2007)-
-Buffalo Rockers For Life (2007)-
-Sexy Killer Records Compilation Vol. 10 (2006)-
-Thunderground Radio 2005 Compilation (2005)-

In addition, CAROLINE BLUE has had songs included in various feature films, which include the following…

-“Romeo 3000” (MAD ANGEL FILMS in association w/ WWJ PRODUCTIONS)-
-“Transformation” (HEWITT FILMS)-
-“Rise Up & Fall” (HEWITT FILMS)-
-“Failman” (Web Series) (MAD ANGEL FILMS)-
-“The Women’s Playground” (TAPESTRY ENTERTAINMENT LLC)-

CAROLINE BLUE has released several music videos made by Ron Bonk (SRS CINEMA LLC), Matt Peters (MAD ANGEL FILMS) and Rich Stahle (UVTV). These can be seen on the CONCEPT VIDEOS page

Other honors include the following…

In the feature film “NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE” (Hurricane Bridge Entertainment), a CAROLINE BLUE show flyer can be seen on the wall as Cornelius (played by Wayne W. Johnson) attacks his wife Betty at the beginning of the film.

In the feature film “TRANSFORMATION” (HEWITT FILMS), the CAROLINE BLUE CD cover for “Not For The Innocent” is one of many things located on the killer’s wall in his basement.

In the short film “BRIARWOOD” (Crows Farm Film), when we first see Hunter (played by Wayne W. Johnson) in the game shop, he is wearing a CAROLINE BLUE button on his jacket.

In the feature film “SLOW FOOD” (Discreet Charm Productions), Bryce (played by Wayne W. Johnson) is wearing a CAROLINE BLUE t-shirt (“Not For The Innocent” CD Cover). In addition, one of the students killed is wearing a CAROLINE BLUE trucker’s hat.

In Episode 1 of the web series “F.I.T. TO SURVIVE” (STEALING SHADE PRODUCTIONS), one of the zombies is wearing a CAROLINE BLUE t-shirt (“Not For The Innocent” CD Cover).