10/14/2007-NFTI CD Review-Mark Bialczak-The Post Standard-Syracuse, NY

-NFTI CD Review by Mark Bialczak for The Post Standard Newspaper-10/14/2007-Syracuse, NY

(Heavy Metal) “Not For The Innocent”-Caroline Blue, independent recording

-Wayne W. Johnson and Monster Mike Merrifield cooked up a dozen blazing songs on “Not For The Innocent.”

-Caroline Blue likes to churn things up heavy metal style. Johnson’s voice snarls the thick and edgy “Deny.”

-“Won’t Be Home” employs a sweeter vocal sound and echoes with big sonics.

-But the coolest song is “Far Away From Home.” It starts off as an acoustic ballad about a tired and cold girl on the side of the road. As she thinks back to a better day , the song soars tantalizingly into fast and electric places.

Catch a Show-More gigs will be announced later.
On the internet-The band’s website is http://www.carolineblue.com


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