Slave to the Hourglass

“…from the opener Slave To The Hourglass, there was a pop up in my head that directed me to Kiss their Paul Stanley. Not only the voice of Wayne is resembling, also the intonation, and the way he brings it on, refers to Kiss their front man. Musical wise, we hear great, solid but Melodic Hard Rock that will please a lot of fans that are into the old school 80’s hair metal…”-Patrick de Sloover -Metal to Infinity (Belgium)

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Format-CD (EP)

Release date-December 8, 2005
Recorded at Eastwind Studios-Syracuse, NY
Produced & Engineered By Mike Jaffarian & Dave Huych
Executive Producer-Wayne W. Johnson
Cover Model-Jane Evil



WAYNE W. JOHNSON-all vocals & guitars, bass on “Slave to the Hourglass”, “Hard Life” & “The Queen of Pleasure.”

MIKE MERRIFIELD-drums on “Slave to the Hourglass”, “Hard Life” & “The Queen of Pleasure.”

DAVE VICTORY-Drums on “Mine, Mine, Mine” & “Too Late”

JAMIE CRISCIONE-Bass on “Mine, Mine, Mine” & “Too Late”



(1)-SLAVE TO THE HOURGLASS (Merrifield / Yerman / Coston / Johnson)© 1994,2004 Monster Mike Creations (ASCAP), WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Roy Coston (ASCAP), Jerry Yerman (BMI)

(2)-MINE, MINE, MINE (Hatch / Johnson) ©1991, 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(3)-HARD LIFE (Hatch / Johnson) ©1991, 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(4)-THE QUEEN OF PLEASURE (Quinn / Johnson) ©1989,2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Chris Quinn

(5)-TOO LATE (Hatch / Johnson) © 1993, 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(6)-INERTIA (Instrumental) (Johnson) ©1988, 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(7)-STUFFED FUN (Hidden Track)



1)-Nominated for “Best Rock Recording” at the 2006 Syracuse Annual Music Awards (“The Sammys”).

2)-Currently being distributed by Hellion Records in Germany.

3)-Concept Videos for SLAVE TO THE HOURGLASS & MINE, MINE, MINE can be seen on the WATCH page.

4)-The song TOO LATE is also featured on the Thunderground Radio 2005 Sampler Disc.

5)-The song MINE, MINE, MINE is also featured on the Sexy Killer Records Compilations Disc-Vol.10.



1)-“…this is cool in your face 80s Melodic Hardrock with strong vocals… A definite must-have for fans of 80s Hair Metal! …”-Strutter’Zine (The Neatherlands)

2)-“…These five tracks are no frill, heavy rock anthems that melt the attitude of early Mötley Crüe with the party / arena rock catchiness and fun of KISS. Some of the heavy riffing (such as can be found in The Queen of Pleasure) and blazing solos remind me of Motörhead as well….”

“…Vocalist Wayne Johnson sounds very similar to Paul Stanley…his delivery is a perfect fit for this style of classic heavy rock music. The man does not fail to deliver as he sounds very motivated and into his music…”

3)-“…guitarist Wayne W. Johnson is a promotions animal…a voice that has an uncanny resemblance to that of Paul Stanley of KISS…and he ain’t half bad on the six-string either!…”-Tracy

4)-“…The songs are all equipped with compelling hooks and will not disappoint even after several passes. This type of music is just as timelessly as those of the idols of their makers…”-Walter Scheurer (Germany)

5)-“…excellent hard rockin’ 80s heavy metal…A composition-style that I’m familiar with and enjoy a lot, used to create some excellently catchy and addictive rock / metal songs…”-Muloc7253-Encyclopaedia Metallius (United Kingdom)

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