04/01/2004-Interview with Music & Much More

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We are back with a new interview with Wayne of the band CAROLINE BLUE. Let’s get into it.

MAM: When did this band start?

WAYNE: The ideas and plans for the band started in the mid 90s but it didn’t actually start becoming a reality until February 2000.

MAM: Were are you guys from?

WAYNE: Upstate New York.

MAM: What type of music do you make for those that don’t know?

WAYNE: I would call our music Melodic Hard Rock in the vein of bands like KISS. Sometimes we go a little heavier, sometimes we go a little lighter-but the majority of it is down that path.

MAM: Do you guys play shows and if you do what was your best show you did so far?

WAYNE: We do but it tends to be kinda sporadic at the moment-in part because we’ve had several lineup changes over the years. We had a show in Sept 2003 that was great. A lot of people were there who really got into what we were doing. We also did a 1 time only KISS tribute on Halloween 2003 that was pretty wild. Nothing like wearing clothes so tight that people can see what religion you are-HA!

MAM: What type of fans come and see you guys?

WAYNE: It’s a wide variety, but I would just say people who want to have a good time. The best way to know is to come to a show and see for yourselves.

MAM: Do you have a CD out and if you do were can someone pick a copy up at?

WAYNE: We are close to finishing off our CD. As soon as it becomes available, we’ll be promoting it everywhere we can, but probably the 1st place to look would be our store on our website http://carolineblue.com/

MAM: Any up and coming tours or any summer shows going on with you guys?

WAYNE: Currently, we have no shows at the moment because we’re concentrating on getting the CD done. It was on the back burner for the longest time because of shows, video shoots for a NY music show called UMTV (our videos are on our site and you can also see us and many more bands at the UMTV site.), and other things. The best bet would be either to sign up on our mailing list and/ or just to keep checking out our SHOWS page on the site for right now.

MAM: And last would you sign to a major label? Yes or no and why.

WAYNE: It would depend on a lot of factors. There are so many pros and cons to being on a major label. I would say, right now, we’d rather be on a indie label initially just to build a good foundation-you can also grow at your own pace and have more control over what you’re doing. Then again, one of the biggest advantages of a major is distribution and promotion. Whatever the offer, we’d make sure that it’s looked over by a music lawyer and that everything was understood before going forward.

MAM: That is all ways true. Well this has been MAM 3-30-04 and CAROLINE BLUE keep on tare’in stuff up.


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