12/30/2001-CB.NET Interview with Roy St. James

CB.NET is proud to present an exclusive interview with the one and only Roy St. James. He has graciously allowed us a moment of his time to allow us to ask him the following questions. Why? Because you demanded it people! Besides, Wayne was unavailable so…

CB.NET-You there Roy?


CB.NET-How are you doing?

ROY-Wait a minute and I’ll tell you later.

CB.NET-OooooK….Give us some musical background on ya….we want to know ya better!!

ROY-Before what we know as rock today, I wanted to be like David Cassedy from the Partridge Family-the hair, the colorful bus…you know-everything. I woke up in love this morning. I think I love etc.

CB.NET-So what happened? Didja at least get the bus??

ROY-Yeah ,but it picked me up for school and it set a different outlook in life trying to separate reality from TV.

CB.NET-So…how did you meet up with Wayne?

ROY-Well…going back to the Four Large Men days, he was rumored to be large-only we never personally checked and never will, so we had several girls pull out their rulers…….so the rest is history.

CB.NET-Guess we’re ALL waiting for Wayne’s book to come out huh?

ROY-Yes, Wayne’s book will be full of surprises-from strippers to toothless bags, from hotel rooms to back seats. It is going to be a killer.

CB.NET-Toothless bags???

ROY-The black tooth grin!!!

CB.NET-He is a strange one….so how long have you been playing bass?

ROY-I just started the day before the 1st CAROLINE BLUE gig!!! It is something I always wanted to do-like my idol Danny Partridge. The red hair and the frilly vest…..Mom showed me a lot of tricks!!

CB.NET-Well, I (I’m SATCHEL by the way) caught that 1st show and you were pretty damn impressive let me tell ya! Were you nervous?

ROY-Only the 1st song.

CB.NET-You also sang a song…Black Sabbath’s NIB right?

ROY-Correct as usual King Friday.

CB.NET-That’s KING FRIDAY to you buddy!! 😀 The singing was great too-how long have you been doing that? Any plans for more singing?

ROY-I’ve been singing backups for years but never sang a song myself since 1983. It was different. More is on the way.

CB.NET-Cool!! Give us a brief 20/20 hindsight of the last show.

ROY-We came, we kicked ass, and then we left-with the crowd wanting more.

CB.NET-Alrighty then!! A member of our staff has a few questions for ya ok? Hold on….(RICO)….Are you there Roy?


CB.NET-I…I mean WE at CB.NET just LOVE your hair! Please tell us it’s not a wig!!

ROY-Yes it is. I had Don Dokken’s hair dresser do extensions for me.

CB.NET-So that’s the secret! How long will it grow? Do you have any special treatments?

ROY-Ancient Chinese Secret!

CB.NET-Does it speak to you at night when the lights are low and no one is around? Mine did one night and…..(SATCHEL)…Sorry Roy-Rico tends to get carried away sometimes….So, where did the “St. James” come from?

ROY-I didn’t want anyone to know my real name at one time. I think everybody goes thru that. I wanted to separate the Roy from the stage from the Roy from the home life.

-That’s understandable. Now.we’ve been told that you’re a “hired gun” at the moment. Any chance of being a permanent member?

ROY-As AC/DC says, Money Talks. We will see. Wayne is a very close and personal friend. I only want the best for him and he knows that.

CB.NET-Another member of our staff wants to have a few. Her name is Bucky. Get ready Roy. She can be a real bi….(BUCKY)…I heard that!!!

ROY-So let it be written.

CB.NET-Don’t listen to him Roy-he’s just a pig. I love him though. Anyway, what’s it like to work with Wayne and Dave?

-They’re great. I couldn’t ask for a better combination.

CB.NET-I heard Wayne can be an egomaniac. Is that true? If so-his bubble is about to burst!!

ROY-Yes,the bastard!!! Sometimes it’s like working with Yngwie Malmsteen. However, I understand where he is coming from. He only wants what’s best for him and his band mates…..Well, we will have to continue this later as I feel the need to…..thanks for the interview BUCKY. Next!

CB.NET-Wait! Does he prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

ROY-All the above.

CB.NET-Why is he so distant with women? I know his marriage exploded, but he’s available now. I’ve tried 3 times….(RICO)…Roy! I…I mean a fan from Georgia has to know…is Wayne gay?…..(BUCKY)…He’s not gay-he was married you idiot!

ROY-Well, it’s past my bedtime. I must go. All work and no play! We will have to continue later as I have company-a female companion for the night. No-it’s not a blowup doll or someone under age. No sheep or cows.

CB.NET-…(SATCHEL)…You go to the bathroom…..Just 2 more questions ok Roy?

ROY-Just like myself. Quick.

CB.NET-CAROLINE BLUE seems to be based in a Classic Hard Rock Style. Is that still viable in this day and age?

ROY-Yes-especially in Wayne’s favorite place to play in Munnsville; where men are men and sheep are scared.

CB.NET-Also, we heard that, in order for you to get properly warmed up for a show, you like to run around the club a few times butt naked with a kid behind you with a boom box cranking “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor) at full volume. Is this true and, if so, in God’s name why???….(RICO)….He has to be at least bi…

ROY-Yes-it is almost true. I am not totally naked and the song is ‘Do Run Run Run’ by Leif Garrett.

CB.NET-…(SATCHEL)…We know Wayne does the same thing but his tune is “Macho Man…”

ROY-I thought it was,”Man, I feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain…

CB.NET-…(RICO)…I knew it! I knew it!…(BUCKY)…he’s not gay or bi!!!!!…(SATCHEL)…Uh…things are kinda disintegrating here Roy.

ROY-The song he uses to warmup his voice is “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” by Vicki Lawrence.

CB.NET-Damn-we’re finding out a lot about him aren’t we? Thanks for the great interview. Any final thoughts or words for our faithful web viewers out there?

ROY-Try it!!! Hey Mikey-he likes it!!!


ROY-For those who read the interview who are over 35.

CB.NET-Ah well….thanks again Roy. Ladies and gents, the one and only…Roy St.James!!!!


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