2/06/2006-STTH CD Review-West Side Dave-Fulton, NY

Slave to the Hourglass CD Review by West Side Dave-2/6/2006-Fulton, NY
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“Slave To The Hourglass” is the new release from Syracuse, New York`s very own CAROLINE BLUE; 5 killer kuts, I mean, cuts of Kiss-inspired Hard Rock that definitely gets the blood a` pumpin`! The boys in Blue are guitarist / vocalist Wayne Johnson, bassist Billy Pierce [now departed], and drummer “Metal J” Morey. No turntables, no Adidas swag, no downtuned Emo / Screamo mallcore geekism, just three guys who actually know how to PLAY their instruments crankin` out Arena-styled Rock, loud and proud! Choice cuts for me include the title track, as well as “Hard Life” and “Mine, Mine, Mine”.

This self-financed release features a clear, highly polished production which give the tunes even more punch. And the individual musicianship of each member is well displayed here, complimenting each other as well as the songs. This album is a special treat for me, as CB is from around MY neck o` the woods, plus having seen them perform live and meeting Wayne himself. So it would be a shame for a guy as determined and steadfast as Wayne NOT to achieve his goals! And we DEFINITELY need more people like him in this business! So go to the band`s official site and buy the album; you WON`T regret it! [and check out their forum while you`re at it; you just might see some guy named West Side something or other posting from time to time!;)] Highly recommended!!


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