5/25/2007-CB.NET Interview with Johnny Sniper

Hey everyone! We have a brand new CBNET Interview with the one & only Johnny Sniper. It was hard tracking down the Sniperous one-with Sniper Mania reaching new heights in Eastern N.Y- but we did. We hope you enjoy this interview.

CB.NET-Give us some background on yourself-we want to get to know ya better!

JOHNNY SNIPER-I’ve been singing for 20 years-heavily influenced by Tony Harnell, Jeff Scott Soto, Geoff Tate.

CB.NET-How did you end up joining CAROLINE BLUE?

JOHNNY SNIPER-I saw that they needed a bassist and called Wayne -thinking that we would have good chemistry. I was correct.

CB.NET-How do you feel about CB’s music & the direction the music / band is going in?

JOHNNY SNIPER– I like where it’s at.

CB.NET-Any thoughts about past CB bassists / drummers?

JOHNNY SNIPER-I don’t know anything about any of them.

CB.NET-Which CB original / cover s your favorite / least favorite and why?

JOHNNY SNIPER-I like all of the Caroline Blue songs. My faves include “Too Late”, “I’ve Seen the Light Tonight” & “Deny”.

CB.NET-What’s the best / worse show you’ve ever played with CB? Details please!

JOHNNY SNIPER-I did a show in may with a really bad sinus infection. Tough to sing that way.

CB.NET-Any funny stories you’d like to share from the band?

JOHNNY SNIPER-I’ll leave that to Wayne!

CB.NET-We know that you guys are also involved in other bands besides CB. What’s the skinny on that-here’s you chance to do some promo!

JOHNNY SNIPER-I also sing in a Judas Priest tribute called British Steel,
play bass for Grey Sky Sunday,and continue studio work with my own project-UNTAYMED.

CB.NET-What does the future hold for you and the band?

JOHNNY SNIPER-Hopefully a new CD release with Johnny Sniper on the bass.

CB.NET-Anything you’d like to tell all the people in cyber land who are reading this interview?

JOHNNY SNIPER-Be careful what you wish for it may come true.


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