-For your viewing pleasure, check out CB’S PAST GUESTBOOKS

-Here’s a contact page that’s going to be a little different from the norm. You may have noticed that, with the exception of the HOME page, no one can really comment on anything on this site-basically like an actual website right? Well, this page will kinda serve as a “Guestbook” type page for lack of a better term- or an “Ask CAROLINE BLUE”-type page.

-Feel free to write to me your questions, comments and /or concerns in regards to CB and /or this site. Please keep in mind that I (WWJ) tend to be quite busy so I can’t always answer back in a timely matter, but I will do the best I can. For those of you who don’t know, I also tend to be quite diplomatic w/ my answers-usually punctuated w/ cornball jokes 🙂 Having said that, there will be times when I can be blunt about things as well.

-Please be civil & mature w/ the language. Troll-like or destructive-type comments will pretty much be deleted. Likewise, all spam posts and /or people who just want to use this as an area to only promote their own stuff will be deleted. Constructive criticism is fine-but don’t get offended if CB don’t always act on it. BTW-all that was just mentioned holds true for every page here that can be posted on. Thanks & wishing you all the very best!


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