7/19/2006-CB.NET Interview with Metal J

Here we are with another one of our award winning interviews! This one features Ex-CAROLINE BLUE drummer Justin Morey-commonly known as Metal J. He was in the band for almost a year, but quit the band in February 2006. We managed to track him down and ask him a few questions about his times with CAROLINE BLUE. Please note that-as is our norm-these interviews have not been edited at all unless it is due to a very bad spelling error. What you read is what was said. Enjoy!

CB.NET-Tell us some background info on yourselves -we wanna get to
know ya better!

Metal J-Not much to tell, I have been playing drums for 22 yrs. Favorite bands are Judas Priest, Iced Earth, PainmuseuM and Primal Fear just to name a few. The drummers that have had the biggest impact on my playing are Bobby Jarzombek, Randy Black and Scott Travis.

CB.NET-How did you 1st cross paths w/ CAROLINE BLUE & how did you
end up playing shows w/ the band?

Metal J-I first heard of CB from a classified ad in late spring 2004. Went thru the audition process and landed the gig.

CB.NET-What’s it like working w/ Wayne, Billy & Azriel?

Metal J-Working with Wayne and Billy is a lot of fun. As with any group situation you have your “moments” but that is only natural. The three of us worked well together and made a lot of magic happen on stage. I had only worked with Az for a brief period. In that time however I got a chance to see a talented musician who is dedicated to his craft.

CB.NET-In February 2006, you left the band which caused some unrest among CB fans-mainly because it wasn’t clear as to why you left. What’s your take on the whole thing?

Metal J-Well, can’t say I didn’t see this one coming HA HA. The short answer is that the band and I have differences that are not reconciled at this time. I really can not say more than that as this is a conversation I should be having with the band members.

CB.NET-Any thoughts about past / present CAROLINE BLUE bassists / drummers?

Metal J-I have not seen/heard a lot of the prior members so I can not really comment on that. I do know that they had some great players and most of them are out there playing in some great bands today. As for the current members (as of this writing) they are both amazing players.

CB.NET-Any thoughts/recollections about the CB videos you were in (Live versions of “Hard Life” (x2), “Queen of Pleasure”,”Too Late” & “Mine, Mine, Mine”)?

Metal J-The first “Hard Life” video was shot the day of my first show with the band. Needless to say I was way more fired up than normal (read: nervous HA HA). It was an experience nonetheless. The second “Hard Life” video was shot 9 months after that at the same time as the “Too Late” video. I had some time to get into the groove and establish myself with the band. Definitely a lot more comfortable that time around. What do they say, second time is always a charm?

CB.NET-How have you felt about the shows you’ve played with
CAROLINE BLUE? Anything stand out-good or bad? Any funny stories/dirt?

Metal J-Ah, live shows. What can I say, we had some interesting moments HA HA. I can safely say more great things came about than bad things. In all honesty I really can not recall a “bad” moment. Yes there were some “moments” but nothing that was horrid or make me say I never want to do this again. I can safely say that the experiences were far more positive than they could ever be negative.

CB.NET-Any funny stories?

Metal J….where do we start? I recall there was one show where I had a tad too much sugar (note to self it was Mac’s Bad Art Bar on Friday November 12, 2004) I am told I was a bit of a wild child that day LOL. The shows we did with Zadoc were always fun. We did a show in Watertown last summer. On the way up two of us decided to have an impromptu race ( and yes I have it on tape).

CB.NET-How do you feel about CAROLINE BLUE’s music? What’s your
favorite / least favorite song? How about the few covers that the
band performs-your fav / least fav?

Metal J-Overall I think CB’s music is great, good solid hard rock. Favorite song, I would have to say “Pain” and “Slave to the Hourglass” were always my favorites to play. Least favorite……..I would be lying if I said I didn’t have one but here it comes. I never cared for “The Queen of Pleasure”. The music was good, but there was something about that song I just didn’t care for.

As for the covers, we picked some good ones. “Satisfied” and “In Metal” were always fun to play. When we did “Declaration Day” I think that was a major highlight for everybody. One of the songs I had the most fun playing and sadly we only did it 2-3 times was “Rise To It” by KISS.

Least favorite cover, I’ll say it. “Love Gun”, not that it is a bad song, just never cared for it and to be honest I think we played it to death.

CB.NET-While you were in the band, we heard reports of you using a new product which had been called the “Morey Moaner”(!) Give us the skinny on this!

Metal J-Well this is news to me. The only new products I am using are Mapex Saturn Series Drums and DDRUM Triggers. Maybe you should ask Wayne about that one, I hear he holds the patent on that.

CB.NET-What have you been doing since you quit CB? What does the future hold for you?

Metal J-Since I left CB, I have worked a few projects to keep busy. At the moment I am concentrating on a new album as well as drumming DVD. As for the future, one never knows what the future holds.

CB.NET–Anything you’d like to tell all the people in cyber land who
are reading this?

Metal J-Just wish everybody well, keep the metal faith and hope to see everybody soon!!! \m/ METAL FOR LIFE \m/


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