Here we have various interviews that don’t quite fit in the other categories (for ex.-a quick interview right after a video shoot).




CB.NET-So, how did this all come about Wayne?

WAYNE-Well, I’ve had the idea for this for about 7-8 months now. It was just a matter of getting the time to get it done. That and the fact that Rich (producer of UMTV) dropped the price for doing promos helped a lot! (laughs)

CB.NET-So give us the skinny of all this!



WAYNE-Well, we did this all at Rich’s home studio. I brought over the pics, video clips, the logo the drum tracks (which were done by Dave Victory at Eastwind Studios) and my ideas. And, of course, what I wear on stage.

CB.NET-Can’t forget that now can we?

WAYNE-Nope. I basically told Rich what I wanted and he helped turned it into reality. 1st we did the music. We had the drum tracks to the song “Mine, Mine, Mine.” I then recorded the guitar and bass tracks there….

CB.NET-You were playing bass????

WAYNE-It’s not like I never have before-although it was kinda strange. I was using Rich’s bass and the thing is so damm light I almost lost control of it-and it would’ve gone into Rich’s computer monitor!

CB.NET-Oh no!…Then what?

WAYNE-Then he took the pics and video clips and sync’d them to the music. Then we had to film the part where I do a little speakin & posin”….

CB.NET-A little…I’ve seen you do stuff before, but nothing like that move you did there!

WAYNE-Wait till you see what’s next…Then that was added and we found out there was about 3 sec. of time we needed to fill. So Rich came up with the part with the lightning in it.

CB.NET-That was very cool!

WAYNE-Yeah-Rich has some great ideas and some really cool programs. Like-I had the idea for the “smash” that happens at the end, but Rich found one that not only sounded cool, but also came up with the way the picture melted into the logo and web address.

CB.NET-Anything else before we go?

WAYNE-Well, I hope we can get this up on the site soon. Hope everyone likes it. I sure did. It’s such a trip to have an idea in your head turn into reality. It was a lot of fun and we’ll be doing some more work with Rich and UMTV in the future. And I also want to thank everyone for their continued support.

CB.NET-Thanks for givin us da skinny on this Wayne!

WAYNE-No problem Satch. Take care.


-On June 28th ,2003 The film crew from UMTV (Rich Stahle, Jerimi & Gilbert) set off to the KISS Barn in Fulton to attempt to film the video for “Mine, Mine, Mine” from CAROLINE BLUE. This was actually the THIRD attempt at making this video. Wayne explains to us what happened…

-“We actually filmed a live video of the song from a show we did at a place called Angels out in Oneida on January 25th, 2003. Rich had the video done in a week and we were all excited about it-till we saw it. Visually it’s OK, but sonically it was horrible. The drums sounded like cardboard boxes and, during the solo, the bass was almost nonexistent. In addition, my guitar tone wasn’t great and during the chorus’, the vocal jumped out and hit you in the head like a hammer! So, the video was scrapped.”

-“The 2nd attempt was actually on June 14th, 2003-the day after our show at Mr.C’s. We were going to lip-synch the song to our demo from the studio-basically like the standard way videos are done. Rich had stressed to me the importance of the area being well-lit so I rented out some stage lights from a friend of mine. The problem was, those lights-combined with Rich’s construction lights-blew out the power! Since no one knew how to get it back on at the time, we rescheduled the shoot.”

-“That leads us to the 3rd time. We got the shoot done, but it was a hellacious task doing so. First of all, it was very hot that day-and being on the 2nd floor and running around in a room with basically no ventilation just rose the temperature even higher. Then things were running late cause a certain band member showed up 2 hours late. The stage lights weren’t there, but even with just Rich’s lights, we still blew the power! We actually had to run some 100 ft. extension cords over to the house next door to power everything. So that took awhile to get going. If only things ended there….”

-“Then we had to find a good stable place for the CD player cause as soon as me or Ham jumped in the air and came down, the CD player would skip! Ham loaned me his original 1978 Paul Stanley Ibanez Iceman guitar for the shoot. Beautiful guitar. There were 4 takes all together. Right at the beginning of the 2nd take, the screw for the strap ripped out-you should’ve seen the look on Ham’s face! Luckily I had my Ibanez RG-570 there as backup. Then towards the end of the 3rd take, Ham rips out his strap lock as well! By this time tempers were starting to flare but we finally got thru it all. Even though filming this video was a pain, it was worth it cause I believe the results speak for themselves.”


-Back on the old CB Site, there was a link on the Bios page (but not in the main links section) called “Band History.” Clicking on it sent you to a page that was a brief history of CAROLINE BLUE in interview / narrative format. Obviously, this is a very condensed history of CAROLINE BLUE (not only is a ton of stuff left out, but it basically stops towards the end of 2005)-but hopefully many things will be brought in if Wayno ever decides to write a book about CAROLINE BLUE 🙂 Until then, we have this-enjoy!

    CAROLINE BLUE originally started out as the brainchild of Wayne W. Johnson.

-“I was in other bands at the time and they would start out great, but then they’d stop progressing and things would become stagnant. I wanted to try a different approach-cause the same old one wasn’t working.”

    Wayne continued working on his project while working with other bands.

-“If the band I was in was going good, this would be a side project.If things were bad, this would be a solo project. I’ve had this idea in my head since 1993-and with each year, the vision became more and more focused.”

    That vision would start to become a reality on Feb.9th, 2000.

-“I was juggling the idea of my solo project and a cover band-plus 3 others. It was ridiculous! I was talking to my friend Randy Gray and he was interested in the cover band and the solo project. When I got to his place, I started things w/ the cover band and he, bluntly, told me to drop it and play my original stuff. I did and he joined right on the spot! Very shortly after we hooked up with Dave Victory and that was the 1st version of CAROLINE BLUE.”

    It’s interesting to note how Wayne came up with the name CAROLINE BLUE

-“I came up with it years ago-around 1995-96..I worked for Kmart for 15 long years and CAROLINE BLUE was one of their announcement codes. It meant “medical emergency”-but that’s not why I picked it. I just liked the sound of it and it’s not one of those names that boxes you in. Most of our stuff is what I would call “Classic Hard Rock,” but if we want to do something heavier, more modern, a ballad, etc….we can. Kinda hard to do a ballad with a name like Cannibal Corpse.”

    The 1st lineup, however, had problems.

-“It was interesting. Things were going OK, but then it got harder for us to get together. It didn’t help that everyone lived in different cities. Also at that time I got married and-although my wife(ex) was very supportive of my music, I still couldn’t put all my time in it. So eventually, it just became getting ready for studio work and hoping that we’d all have more time after the CD was done.”

    It was not meant to be.

-“The 1st few months of 2001, me, Dave and Randy were also involved in trying to get a 1-off reunion show for a band we were in called Front Row going-and that was going OK. Then Randy injured his back and that was pretty much it, unfortunately. Later on that year he got married and moved out of state. We still keep in touch-although not as much as I’d like. I wish him the best though.”

    In June of 2001, the next lineup for CAROLINE BLUE began to take shape.

-“Out of the ruins of another bad reunion, I took the opportunity to get CAROLINE BLUE going again. This time I had Scott Coon (AKA Da Scooner) on bass and Dave on drums. Jim Lewis would fill in on bass whenever Scooner couldn’t make it.”

    By October 2001, though, Scooner had to leave due to time constraints. It was also around this time that Wayne came up with the “Hired Gun” idea.

-“I figured, until I get the lineup stabilized, why not just hire people to fill positions for gigs? Eventually I’ll have a set lineup ,but until then, this is the next best thing.”

    -It was also around this time that Roy St. James entered the picture. With Roy, Wayne and Dave, CAROLINE BLUE had it’s most stable lineup to date. But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

-“Roy St. James missed a show-and I had to hire Da Scooner to fill in. Roy and Dave are still members of the band-but they’re also now hired guns.

    However, all good things must come to an end.

-“Roy eventually had to go cause he couldn’t make time for CAROLINE BLUE. Considering all he had on his plate, I’m surprised he made it as far as he did. Plus he really wanted to do his own thing and far be it from me from letting someone do that. Jamie Criscione came in for a little while, which helped. But then Dave decided he didn’t want to play anymore-and I don’t want people involved in the band who don’t want to be there. I basically decided right there to kill the “hired gun” thing cause it didn’t work and I wanted to take things to the next level. So I basically put that lineup down and started trying to find to find some permanent members.”

    After a lengthy process, CAROLINE BLUE finally gets a permanent bassist in Brian “HAM” Hamilton.

-“I went thru several auditions for both bassists and drummers. Some were fine, but a lot of them were just awful. Lane Pieroni came in and, with Marv, help shoot the video for “I’m No Angel.” Then, by chance, I ran into HAM at a CD convention-which I wasn’t even going to go to originally. We exchanged info, got together and in a short time, he joined CAROLINE BLUE.”

    With the help of temp. drummer Marv Hill,CAROLINE BLUE rises again.

-“Marv has been a big help, but we really need a permanent drummer. Someone who can really be with the band.”

    Ask and ye shall receive.

-“Marv was great for awhile, but he wanted to do his own thing with a band that’s been on the back burner for awhile. So we once again went thru auditions. This time we weren’t gonna resurface until we found the right guy. And then Kenny Thunder called me, we all got together and things just fell into place.


-“It wasn’t meant to be unfortunately. Initially things felt great-but in a short amount of time, problems arose. Anyone who knows Kenny knows how hard it can be for him to stay in a band and why. We managed to get thru 1 show and a video shoot (“Mine ,Mine, Mine”) but by then tensions in the band were getting so thick that a choice had to be made almost immediately-the effects of which would hurt the band in the months to come. So Kenny was fired-while there were still several shows booked.

    Luck was on their side this time….

-“We were very fortunate in that we found someone to temp. replace Kenny for the shows. That person was Eric “Small”-a little guy with a huge drumming talent. We played our 1st show with only a week of rehearsal and people were telling us it was the best they’d ever seen the band! We got thru all the shows that we had booked when Kenny was in the band-which ended with our Tribute to KISS show at Bleachers on 10/31/2003.”

    But then the luck ran out…..

-“Things seemed to be going good. One big problem though was Eric was only a temp. He was already in another band called Leaphole-which played a heavier style of music that he liked. It didn’t help that he didn’t like KISS very much either-which our music is similar in style.. And then, at the start of 2004, Ham became “unavailable” for anything that had to do with the band for the next 6 months so basically, CAROLINE BLUE-from January 2004 to June 2004-was just me.”

    Good things come to those who wait…..

-“For those 6 months, it was basically me trying to do everything I could to keep the band alive. I had a lot of back-up material which kept things moving forward for awhile-but it was running out. I auditioned a few people but with no luck. Then, during our 2nd wave of ads thru the Syracuse New Times, I got this call from this totally crazed individual who is now known as Metal J. This guy was like a breath of fresh air. Here was someone who was more into this than I am-we were totally on the same wavelength on almost all things relating to the band and he fit right into the band easily. Ham became available again and it seemed like we could really move forward and take things to the next level.”

    But an old problem became worse….

-“The rotating drummer problem had been fixed-Metal J really fits this band like a glove. However, out the 3 pieces of the puzzle, one still didn’t fit right-and that was Ham. His unavailability was present as far back as when Kenny was in the band and I’ve lost track of how many shows we had to refuse because of it. In addition, Ham wanted to play & rehearse on a very light schedule and would probably have been happier if CAROLINE BLUE was a cover band. With me & Metal J wanting to push forward w/ intensity, it didn’t take long for there to be problems. Tensions & frustrations were rising at an alarming rate and it was just a matter of time before Ham was out of the band. ”

    Lady Luck finds CAROLINE BLUE once again….

-“So here me & Metal J were with all the frustrations building up from turning down shows, not moving forward, and some petty stuff that really should never have even been brought up in the 1st place. Add to that the ordeal of auditions and you could almost feel like exploding at times. Luckily, the bass auditions were very short cause Billy Pierce saw our ad and, after a relatively quick audition , we knew we’d found the missing piece of the puzzle.”


-“Things were going great for quite awhile. 2005 saw the band set new benchmarks in several areas-mostly notably the number of shows we were playing. We played more shows in 2005 than all the other years of the band’s existence put together! We made several new videos for UVTV and even had some CDs out with some music, as well as shirts, for sale. Things were moving upward. Unfortunately, due to rising gas prices and responsibilities in his personal life, Billy was starting to become less & less involved with the band towards the end of 2005. There were even shows where we had a temp in his place because he couldn’t perform. His 1st responsibility was to his kids-as it should be. However, with Billy hardly being around, we couldn’t just wait in limbo-not after all the hard work that had been done to take the band this far. It just so happens that we didn’t have to look far. The man who had filled in for Billy during a few shows was Azriel Mordecai-bassist for Zadoc…& the Nightmare. At the time, we just planned on having him be a temp until Billy was able to come back. But eventually Az expressed the idea of joining and with the outlook of Billy rejoining the band permanently being bleak, we took him in and continued moving forward.”

-“We’re all on the same mindset and all on the same track-which is awesome! I want to take this as far as I can and I will do whatever I have to do to keep this going. If I have to do all the work-fine. If I have to drive to 3 different cities in 1 day-fine. If I have to keep retaining lawyers-fine. Not to sound egotistical, but as long as I’m around, so too will CAROLINE BLUE.”


-This is the transcript from the interview Wayne & Ham did for UMTV on 4/26/2003. The show aired on the 1st week on May 2003 and got a great response. While not as enjoyable as actually seeing the interview on the TV, at least this will give ya a taste of what happened until we can get the actual interview up here. Enjoy! Warning-This is a long one to read so be prepared to put in some time baby!

Wonderbread-Hey wassup UMTV! This is Wonderbread. I’m chillin with the boys from CAROLINE……BLUUUUE (Ham is swaying back & forth)….We have Ham over here…..


Wonderbread-Ham,say wassup to UMTV…..

Ham-Wassup to UMTV!

Wonderbread-And we got…

Ham-And we got Square Wonderbread here (Wonderbread makes a square shape with his fingers).

Wonderbread-And we got Wayne…(Ham goes back to swaying back & forth and doing finger exercises).

Wayne-Wassup people? How ya doin out there man in TV land?

Wonderbread-Guys, this is…I’d like you to take this opportunity to introduce yourself to Central New York, UMTV and tell us what CAROLINE BLUE is all about (Ham starts to boogie), what you bring to the table, in a video, or at a show?

Wayne-CAROLINE BLUE is a Classic Hard Rock Band and we’re goin out there and we’re rockin’ and rollin’, entertainin the people and havin a good time.

Wonderbread-And what about you Ham?

Ham-Wha? (Both Wayne & Wonderbread laugh)

Wonderbread-Hey-what do you do in the band? What is your role?


Ham-I, uh, stand on the stage and look pretty cause Wayne is so God damn ugly.

Wonderbread-That’s right (Wayne shrugs)…Do you play an instrument?



Ham-I just dance (Starts dancin in place).

Wayne-We actually have cardboard cut outs of us on stage and, you know, we have little midgets behind the amps…

Wonderbread-You have people throw…


Wonderbread-Tomatoes and…?

Wayne-We’re usually the ones throwing the tomatoes but, you know, it’s OK.

Wonderbread-Tell me about…the video, of course, which everyone’s seen (Ham makes a face at Wonderbread) and a lot of people talk about…He’s no Angel right? (Points to Wayne-who shrugs) …”I’m No Angel” the video (Ham makes another face at Wonderbread)…filmed at the KISS Barn….Tell us, cause everyone wants to know…

Ham-In Atlanta G-A! (In a Southern Accent)

Wonderbread-….where’s the KISS Barn? What’s that all about?

Wayne-The KISS Barn is located in the wonderful city of Fulton, New York. By the way, the people in Fulton…

Wonderbread-Lot of bars….

Wayne-….if you want your UMTV, email umtv.info and demand your UMTV. (Ham grins)

Wonderbread-Say somethin’ like…”I want my UMTV!”

Wayne-I want my UM-TV!

Wonderbread-OK, so…

Wayne-OK, the name…

Ham-Square Wonderbread! (Taps Wonderbread on the shoulder rapidly….Wonderbread smiles but looks a tad worried)….Square Wonderbread! I got a present!

Wonderbread-You got a present? What do you got? This is my 1st gift ever on UMTV…

Ham-Somebody already opened it…some bastard already did, but here….(Hands Wonderbread gift)….Hope you like it.

Wonderbread-(Shakes gift)…it’s cold…(tears giftwrap)…Whoa!….Stoffers Spinach Suffle Side Dish!

Ham-(Grinning)…Yeah!…Spinach Sueflay…

Wonderbread-Honey? Hold dinner up! I’m bringin home some…spinach….

Ham-Yeah! (Wonderbread tosses spinach on the floor…UMTV cameraman starts laughing).

Wayne-We only buy the best!

Wonderbread-You guys did that good….the people on the set here are gettin their kicks out of that…kind of humor….So, OK-you’re from Fulton, the KISS Barn, um…(Ham starts swayin)…you share that with someone else? What…?

Wayne-Yes, with another band called Kromwell. And, uh, the place is like coated with KISS posters, KISS wallpaper…KISS figurines-all sorts of stuff that’s KISS.


Wayne-And we’re all big KISS fans…

Ham-Thus the name! (Wonderbread looks off guard)

Wayne-Thus the name!

Ham-Ha Ha (Hits his chest)…hee hee!!

Wayne-That’s his role in the band-he makes sure that everyone knows what’s goin on.

Wonderbread-This guy is not only a Ham, but THE Ham…

Wayne-He’s the whole pig. (smiles)

Ham-G’head, g’head….

Wonderbread-OK so….


Wonderbread-Tell me about the lineup…Who you got in the band and, uh….what they do…

Wayne-Well, we have Ham…(points to Ham)

Wonderbread-Ham…that’s right…

Wayne-….or, that’s actually his stunt double….(Ham nods)…we have me…

Ham-We got Square Wonderbread!

Wayne-And we have Marv Hill who, actually at the moment, he’s in the Ozone right now so….

Wonderbread-He’s in the Ozone?

Wayne-He’s in the Ozone. He’s kinda lost…just drifting to and fro…(starts swaying slowly…Ham looks up and joins in).

Wonderbread-What made you guys decide…

Ham-Like an afro…

Wonderbread-…to get into music? Tell me about where it started…

Wayne-Well, for me personally, it was kinda…2 choices. One was, ah, to get laid…

Wonderbread-Yeah…(nods his head smiling…Ham has a “Ewww” look on his face…)

Wayne-…and, uh, peer pressure-which actually, his brother (points to Ham who looks surprised) was responsible for that. (Ham looks around to see who Wayne is pointing to…)

Wonderbread-The Ham brother?


Ham-What happened?

Wayne-They corrupted me…

Ham-He uh…

Wayne-…got me into KISS and uh…cause I was gonna be…

Ham-He’s a little…

Wayne-I was gonna be…I was this…(Ham looks dejected)

Wonderbread-(To Wayne) What was your 1st KISS album?

Wayne-Creatures of the Night.

Wonderbread-Creatures of the Night…

Ham-You should’ve seen this kid-in high school? (Points to Wayne)…He’s a little…forget about Square Wonderbread, he was Square Wayne…(Wayne nods approvingly…Wonderbread silently says “Who is Square Wonderbread?” and makes the crazy sign near his head and then points to Ham)…He had the bowl cut and all the nine….My brother got a hold of him-turned him into Mr. Rock & Roll. You know what I’m sayin?

Wayne-I was that guy in high school that was goin around whenever the prom comes up and…(Ham starts dancin a little)…you see this one nerdy guy begging women to go (Ham laughs) and…every woman is refusing him….


Wayne-That was me.

Wonderbread-What about now? (Ham starts rubbing his eyes a lot like he’s about to cry…)…Now you got the moves and…

Wayne-Now they have restraining orders on me so…(smiles)

Wonderbread-(To Wayne)…Tell me what Paul Stanley has done for your life as far as your sex life (Ham looks like “Wha?”)…you got the moves (Starts doing facial posing)…you’re doin the…

Wayne-Well, I have a…

Ham-Paul Stanley has done for his sex life?

Wayne-Yeah-that didn’t sound too good did it?


Wayne-But,uh…actually,I was with a woman one time while wearing Paul’s makeup and ah…(Ham starts gagging)…

Wonderbread-Woo Hoo! (Ham gagging more profusely…)

Wayne-You can read all about it in “Wayne-The Book” which will be at a dollar store near you-coming soon!

Wonderbread-So if the fans out there in UMTV wanted to know better the CAROLINE BLUE experience, where can they find you guys? (Ham starts swayin)…Can they…is there a website?

Wayne-Oh yeah…

Wonderbread-Is there a CD? Can they go see you live?

Wayne-Definitely.Um…oh yeah…Yes to all three..Well, I guess not…

Ham-No. When we play, we encourage nobody to go. Stay the hell home.

Wonderbread-Then you’ll fit right in with Central New York! (All laugh)…Just kiddin….I love ya!

Wayne-We have a website…

Wonderbread-Bridge Street Music Hall! (Gives the “I Luv You” sign)

Wayne-We have a website…it’s carolineblue.com (Ham starts swayin)…ah…you could also hit carolineblue.net if you want….hit carolineblue.org if you want…well, that one won’t work…

Wonderbread-And you’re on all 3?

Wayne-Well, we’re on 2…we’re on .com and .net

Ham-You know the great thing about the internet? You have to have a computer to hook up to it!


Ham-Or else on your TV it won’t work…

Wayne-Well,what about those people with web…webtv?

Ham-Well,webtv might work…

Wonderbread-Yeah-at your parents…

Ham-But without a computer…

Wayne-It would take a long time to download…

Wonderbread-Only parents have webtv cause they can’t figure out a damn computer…

Ham-But if you’re on a typewriter or some other nonsense it won’t work-you know what I’m sayin…Ha Ha Ha…it won’t work!

Wonderbread-…Riiight…..(inches a little towards Wayne)…Alright so…

Wayne-Oh-we got one thing here…

Wonderbread-They have more to say…

Wayne-1 thing…(Reaches over and “pulls” Ham’s nose off accompanied by a “Pak” sound)…Hey Michael Jackson-got your nose!…(Sticks out tongue)

Ham-Whatcha mean?

Wonderbread-Yeah…we haven’t seen that before…Hey (To Ham)….where’d you get the jacket? It looks like you’ve had it for a long ass time…

Ham-Whatcha mean?

Wonderbread-Well, it looks…

Ham-This is brand new!

Wayne-He’s talking about the smell…

Ham-I got it at JCPennys…1985…It’s a little short now but it’s still hot…

Wonderbread-How old were you in 1985?

Ham-Ah…I think I was eleventeen years old.


Ham-Mm-Mmm…I’m also a Penn Cann Mall alumni too (Shows his shirt)


Wayne-You’ll see him at the next show wearing this jacket actually…

Wonderbread-When is the next show?


Wonderbread-Oh that doesn’t matter… (Note-the reason he said that was you’re not suppose to do any advertising on public access….Wonderbread kinda forgot that! 🙂 )


Wonderbread-Alright guys…Well, hey-it’s been a pleasure…

Wayne-We’ll be playing out soon!

Wonderbread-….with you…you’ll be seeing them…check the website…keep visiting UMTV.org?

Wayne-No,no,no-.com or .net.

Wonderbread-I said UMTV-our website…(Everyone starts laughing)

Wayne-Well…(Ham almost falls over laughing)…there’s too many lights in here!

Wonderbread-UMTV.info and then you can track these guys…

Wayne-I never…I never said I was bright-just cute so…

Wonderbread-Alright well, everyone thanks for tunnin in…stick around for videos…we’ll have some CAROLINE BLUE coming up….


Camera Fades…..

-And here are a few thoughts from Ham & Wayne after the interview…


“I had a wonderful time doing the interview. Wonderbread did an immeasurable amount of research on the band, studying my background in particular. I think he knew more about me then I did about myself. I was very proud to be the first one to come to an interview bearing gifts. Seriously, I’d like to thank Wonderbread (even though he ripped off my old stage name…Wonderham) and Rich for allowing us to come in the studio and make fools out of ourselves. I’d love to do it again sometime.”


“I had a blast doing it. What’s interesting is I came in all prepared and stuff and all of a sudden all the stuff I had ready was thrown out the window! It was a lot of fun and revealing in many ways. Looking forward to doing another one-this time with the FULL band.”


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