Here’s the page to see pics of WWJ and others doing what is known as “The Spotlight” pose. This came about when WWJ did his first promo for UVTV back in 2003 and , just out of the blue (so to speak), threw in a pose at the end of his promo. The name of this pose was deemed “The Spotlight” by Mike Merrifield-who says that he envisioned WWJ holding two spotlights to “illuminate his ego.” 🙂 After the promo aired, it became-for a time-the thing for a number of people to do when WWJ was around (and sometimes when he wasn’t!). Pics were taken and here we are! 🙂 Click on the link below to check them out. Feel free to “like” and leave comments-thanks!

*Pics are on an album hosted by Pinterest*



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