5/16/2002-CB.NET Interview with Johnny Rock-Winner of the March 2002 Butt Poll

As anyone who is a frequent visitor to CB.NET knows, our MONTHLY POLL back in March 2002 caused quite a reaction among our voters. For those of you who have short memories, the question was, “Which member of CAROLINE BLUE has the hottest butt?” It included the 3 members of the band, PLUS 3 others. When the smoke cleared, the winner wasn’t a band member (“I still don’t believe it!”-Bucky), but the band’s sound man…none other than Johnny Rock-The Priceless One! Since then ,he’s been impossible to find, laying low and keeping his net-famous butt in hiding (Hey-10,000 fans can’t be wrong!). But never fear-we at CB.NET not only found him, but managed to have him answer a few questions as well. And now…..The Priceless One, Johnny Rock!!

CB.NET-“Give us a little background on yourself Johnny. Also, how did you come to work with CAROLINE BLUE?”

Johnny-“Well, I spend most of my time gathering nuts and berries-living off the land ya know? That sort of thing. Occasionally, I run sound for some of the best local bands. As far as working for CAROLINE BLUE, my memory hasn’t yet been completely regained. I remember being out to dinner with my girlfriend and when we were walking back to our car, we were surrounded by dark figures…the next thing I know, I woke up tied to some trussing in a warehouse sized practice hall being beaten until I finally agreed to work for them. That’s all I remember so far. I really do miss being home…”

CB.NET-“What do you think of CAROLINE BLUE?”

Johnny-“I think they are great! Unfortunately, I don’t think their true genius will be appreciated in their own time.”

CB.NET-“How does it feel to be the winner of the March 2002 Butt Poll?”


CB.NET-“What was your first reaction when you found out you’d won?”

Johnny-“I was kinda creeped out, you know? Kinda paranoid…I really do miss being home…”

CB.NET-“You must have an incredible routine to get past guys like Wayne and Roy St. James. Tell us, what’s your secret?”

Johnny-“Good clean living…”

CB.NET-“Have you noticed anything different since you’ve won? Are you treated differently? Is your butt all black & blue,etc.?”

Johnny-“I don’t feel at all comfortable in public anymore. I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched ya know?…I really do miss being home…

CB.NET-“Care to form an opinion on the other contestants? Did they REALLY have a chance against you?”

Johnny-“Wayne’s a regular stud. I just don’t know what it is about him that drives people away…”

CB.NET-“Rumor has it you’re putting the finishing touches to a new video called, HOW TO BUILD PC’S (Priceless Cheeks) by Johnny Rock. How soon can we expect to see it released and available at the STORE?”

Johnny-“I don’t know about that video rumor. I don’t exercise or anything. Basically, if you don’t have it, you won’t get it…”

CB.NET-“Now that you’re King of Da Butt Poll, is there any comments / advice you want to give to anyone who would even DARE to challenge your supremacy?”

Johnny-“Good clean living, my friend…good clean living…”

CB.NET-“Any last words / comments for all the CAROLINE BLUE fans that are online tonight?”

Johnny-“Basically, based on the response of the survey, almost 20,000 votes, that it won’t be long until we’re playing the arenas! So come out and see them play so you can say you saw them before they were HUGE! And to my mom and girlfriend, I don’t know where I am right now. I just want you to know I’m fine. They’re taking good care of me, though I haven’t seen daylight in months…I really do miss being home….”

If you have any questions / comments for The Priceless One (even if you wanna know what type of butt cream he uses), ask him on the CONTACT page. We’ll make sure he gets them!


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