6/26/2005-CB.NET Interview with Billy Pierce

So here we are with another one of our toe tingling interviews! This one is with the winner of Da CB 2005 Butt-Poll, the Bondage Boy-Billy Pierce! Big Bad Bill faced some stiff competition this year, but proved up to the task and slayed all comers! And,now….Mr. Pierce…

CB.NET(Satchel)-So Billy…give us some background info and tell us about yourself-we wanna know more about ya!

BILLY-I live in Central New York. I am married with 2 boys. I’ve been playing bass for 24 years.

CB.NET(Satchel)-You’ve been in the band now for about 6 months now. Tell the people how you joined CAROLINE BLUE and how have things been going so far. Everything working out for you?

BILLY-I saw an ad in the Syracuse New Times. Things are going good.

CB.NET(Bucky)-What are your opinions of Metal J & Wayne?

BILLY-Great musicians & friends.

CB.NET(Rico)-What do you feel you bring & offer to CAROLINE BLUE? How would you compare yourself to past B-Ass guitarists of CAROLINE BLUE?

BILLY-I feel I bring a heavier bass sound and good looks. I haven’t heard any of the other bass players.

CB.NET (Satchel)–OK, let’s get to da skinny….You have won the 2005 CAROLINE BLUE Butt-Poll-no mean feat let me tell ya Boy Howdy! Not only did you beat Wayne & Metal J, but you beat guys like Richie from UMTV, Kenny “Thunder” Simpson, and even beat out some ladies like KillerQueen and your own wife! How does it feel to have beaten such a worthy cast of adversaries? Did any of them really have a chance?

BILLY-I’m surprised my wife didn’t win because she has the greatest ass of them all.

CB.NET(Bucky)–The next question is obvious-what is your secret for making your gluts have such an undeniable impact on the public? Any special exercises / diet regiments?

BILLY-Horizontal pushups at least twice a day….

CB.NET(Rico)-What was your 1st reaction when you won? Have people treated you differently since you’ve won? We couldn’t help but notice that at one show there was some special lighting set up to show off your “assets”. In addition, there was another show where it was reported you even got a special chair to place your “assets” upon. What’s the truth on all of this?

BILLY-My 1st reaction was I couldn’t believe my wife didn’t win because she has the greatest ass.

CB.NET(Rico)-Wayne has said during the last few shows that you are also known as “Thunder Buns.” Does he know that from personal experience or is he just being a jealous bitch? (“Hey-you be nice!-Bucky).

BILLY-I think Wayne is a jealous bitch because he has to share the stage a little now.

CB.NET(Bucky)-Any words of caution and/ or wisdom to anyone who would dare to challenge you next year?

BILLY-Get your ass in shape with a lot of horizontal pushups.

CB.NET(Satchel)-What do you feel the future will bring to you & CAROLINE BLUE?

BILLY-A lot of exposure.

CB.NET(Satchel)-Any last words/comments to all the fanatical CAROLINE BLUE Fans, Friends & Freaks who are reading this online?

BILLY-Thanks for all the support.

And there you have it-words from the man of few words himself-the Bondage Boy-Billy Pierce! Coming soon-a CB.NET interview with CB Skin Beater Metal J (as soon as we can get him to calm down enough so we can understand what he’s saying….) 🙂


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