9/1/2002-CB.NET Interview with Wayne W. Johnson

Betcha were wondering, “Why aren’t there more chat-interviews on da site?” Well-just when you were wondering what happened to them, one pops up! This time, we’re chattin’ with Wayne to find out what’s been goin’ on with the band and to see if we can get some insight on what lies ahead for CAROLINE BLUE.

CB.NET-Hello Wayne-Satchel here! How have things been?

WAYNE-Not bad. A little slow……

CB.NET-Let’s cut to the chase boy howdy!! Why the lack of shows?

WAYNE-Even though I’m always available (“So we’ve heard…”-Rico) to play out, others are not. I just have to grin and bear it until the situation improves. We’re also concentrating on getting the CD done. You guys have been a great help in keeping interest on the band and, for that, I thank you.

CB.NET-Zippy!! You’re very welcome! Now,we’ve heard rumors that there are times when your ego runs wild. Is that true? I mean, the last 2 POLLS had you placing very high in regards to your ego…..

WAYNE-There have been some interesting stories that I’ve heard as well. It’s always interesting to read and/or hear things about yourself-especially stuff that’s not true. Even stuff that’s blown out of context. What did Roy say in his interview (See CB.NET INTERVIEW WITH ROY ST. JAMES)…”Sometimes it’s like working w/ Yngwie Malmsteen” (“Yngwie don’t like no f*cking donuts.”-Bucky) ? I don’t think I’ve ever been that bad (laughs). I am very focused though and I try not to let things distract me off the path. I’m taking steps to stabilize things and once they are, I’ll let you know.

CB.NET-How are things going in the studio?

WAYNE-So far so good-albeit a little slower than I’d like. Mainly cause of money. I’m financing it all, but I have to pay my bills at some point! (laughs).

CB.NET-Any funny / interesting stories to tell?

WAYNE-We were video taping stuff, but it took too long to set up. The 1st session all you heard was drums cause everything else was isolated. So it’s kinda boring-unless you’re Dave-in which case it’s a must-see! (laughs). One of the songs, “Do it Again.” lived up to it’s name. We must of gone thru that one 5-6 times. It’s funny cause the song we had anticipated to be the biggest problem (“Too Late”), got nailed down on the 1st take. You can never tell till you go in the studio and actually do it.

CB.NET-Now, we heard that in the studio, Dave nailed Jamie with his big stick (“WHAT???!!”-Rico). Is that true and, if so, what happened?

WAYNE-Uh…I don’t know if any answer I give can do that question justice (laughs). Course, it happened during “Do it Again”. One of Dave’s stick’s broke and a piece hit Jamie. I don’t know where. I didn’t see it cause they had me in a separate booth.

CB.NET-Well, we just so happen to have exclusive pics of the event in our handy dandy STORIES WITH PICS

WAYNE-Really? You guys are amazing!

CB.NET-Yesirebob! Any other stories?

WAYNE-I did break a string on my Ibanez RG-570 on the very 1st note while putting down the rhythm track to “Too Late”-and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the damn thing back in tune. (“You should have tried German tunning…..”Ve Hav Vays to Make you Tune….”-Rico….”Gods are you pathetic!”-Bucky)-I happen to say out loud, “I wish I had a Les Paul…” and guess what? They had a 1968 Gibson Les Paul there! So I used that to finish up the rhythms. Man, playing that thru the Solderno amp I was using was awesome!

CB.NET-Cool beans dude! And now, here’s Rico with a few questions for ya….

WAYNE-Oh joy…..:-D

CB.NET (Rico)-Hiya Wayno! Now, I know some of those moves you do on stage are a little…feminine shall we say? I mean, you’re not moving around as much as you used to, but everyone gets older…

WAYNE-Age has nothing to do with it. Give or take 1999-2001, I’ve kept myself in decent shape over the years and I can still do at least 90% of what I used to do. There are only 2 reasons why you don’t see me doing stuff like jumping on and off bars like I did in the FLM days. One-my wireless system is shot. Two-I’m singing the majority of the lead vocals. Unless you’re lip-synching (which I don’t) you can’t move around a lot and sing-and play guitar on top of it-cause you’ll lose your wind. Quite rapidly I might add! You have to pick and choose your spots so to speak.

CB.NET (Rico)-Wow, someone had touchy flakes for breakfast this morning. There has been talk that you might be living an…”alternative lifestyle”….

CB.NET (Bucky)-For Gods sake Rico-he’s not gay!!! Why is that so hard for you to understand??!!

WAYNE-No Rico, I’m not gay. Or even bi for that matter. I have my hands full just dealing with women! (laughs). I actually do read the interviews that are posted on here and if I can comment on the “why doesn’t he come out of the closet” remark from awhile back…There’s no closet to come out of. I have nothing against that lifestyle. I feel that people should do whatever they want to as long as they aren’t hurting others or themselves. I just have no interest in it.

CB.NET (Rico)-What about Roy St. James?

WAYNE-Give Roy a call

CB.NET (Bucky)-Sorry you have to put up with this idiot Wayne. You look in pretty good shape. Been working out?

WAYNE-Not like I should (laughs). I usually try to workout in some way, shape or form everyday. But this heat is really messing things up. But it is important to do. I let myself go once. Never again.

CB.NET (Bucky)-So……you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?? (“Like we didn’t know this was coming up…”-Rico……”You Shut Up!!”-Bucky)

WAYNE-It doesn’t really matter-although I do seem to end up w/ a lot of blondes. I tend to be drawn towards beautiful women-doesn’t really matter the hair color or style. I mean,my X was a blonde-and she was very beautiful. I used to have a serious relationship with a brunette who was drop dead gorgeous. You’d see her and feel like you were ugly! (laughs). And I dated a redhead before who was, and still is, incredible. So hair color doesn’t really matter.

CB.NET (Bucky)-So what does?

WAYNE-I thought this was suppose to be about CAROLINE BLUE-not the love life of WWJ (laughs). Maybe we can discuss that over dinner sometime OK?

CB.NET (Bucky)-It’s a date!!…I mean,a deal!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

CB.NET (Rico)-Thanks Wayne…now she’s really going to be unbearable…..

WAYNE-No problem Rico-San….

CB.NET (Satchel)-So what’s next for CAROLINE BLUE?

WAYNE-The main thing is getting the CD done and out before the end of the year. Plus,as you already know, I’m working with you guys to help make this site better. I’m also setting things up to do a promo shot for the band on UMTV in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for that! There might also be a video shoot or 2, but nothing definite to report. When there is, you’ll be the 1st ones to know.

CB.NET-Alrighty then! Glad to have ya for another interview. Any last words?

WAYNE-I just want to thank everyone and anyone who has helped and supported CAROLINE BLUE in any way, shape or form. It is very much appreciated! It’s been frustrating not to be out playing live as much as we should, but we have a lot of great stuff in the works right now and we’ll be letting it loose soon so keep watching for us!

CB.NET-And remember-if you have any questions or comments, please write to us via email, snailmail or by GUESTBOOK. Ciao!


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