5/14/2009-NFTI CD Review-Strutterzine (The Netherlands)

Not For The Innocent CD Review from Strutterzine-5/14/2009-The Netherlands

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Out of New York comes CAROLINE BLUE, a band formed around vocalist/guitarist/bassist WAYNE W. JOHNSON. He is responsible for almost everything on the new CD of CAROLINE BLUE, a band we reviewed a few years ago (2005: ‘Slave to the hourglass’). Musically it is filled with typical 80s Hardrock, not far away from a band like KEEL or HELIX. 12 songs are included and although the lyrics are very cliché tingled and the music is also not that original (also a bit 80s KISS), fans of this kind of Rock and Roll will certainly enjoy songs like “Love me or leave me”, “Stay”, “Out of my life”, “I’ve seen the light tonight” and “Won’t be home tonight” that all are pure 80s Hardrocksongs, more info at: http://carolineblue.com and e-mail at: carolineblue13@yahoo.com

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)


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