I’m not quite sure how to start explaining this one… 🙂 Back in the beginning days of CAROLINE BLUE, the website was under carolineblue.net and was being run by “Da Crew”-which consisted of Satchel, Bucky, Rico & Hozay. Rico was basically comic relief-he would do show reviews, but half the time he was more concerned about the sexual preferences of the band members-specifically WWJ-than anything else. For awhile, “Rico” would do his show reviews for a few years before dropping off the radar at the dawn of 2005. The jokes fell flat more often than not but it was a way to make the CB site a little different than the normal band site (at least, that was the thinking at the time…). So, without further ado…


12/1/2001-CLUB 48-FULTON, NY

RICO’S REVIEW-CAROLINE BLUE was opening for GameFace this night.They played for an hour and blasted thru with 9 covers and 3 originals. They even got an encore! Guess all that “pre-show” stuff they do really does work-find out in an interview CB.NET did with Roy St. James on the website. (12/30/2001-CB.NET INTERVIEW WITH ROY ST. JAMES ) Anyway, the show went well, even though Wayne was on the tail end of a cold.Love those pants the guys wore-although they should have been tighter (“Why-so you can see what religion they are??”-Bucky). One thing though-Wayne, why wear a Labatt’s Blue shirt? You don’t even drink! A lot of people were here tonight and it was a great time. RATING **** (1/2) Had to take half a start out cause Wayne had that nasty t-shirt on-what was he thinking?!!



RICO’S REVIEW-Another opener for GameFace. I have to say Wayne, you looked sooo much better with that black tank top on then with that nasty Labatts Blue shirt. I knew when I got you that subscription to Cosmo that you’d put it to good use!! I’ll save ya from the fashion police yet! Roy, Roy, Roy-you look like you just came from DJing a show! And Dave-well, he’s behind the drums so….the songs were good, although Wayne did seem a tad strained on some of those high notes. Maybe he needs tighter pants! It was a decent turnout and overall the band did well. Tighten it just a little bit more guys and you’ll be unstoppable! RATING **** Great show-but the band wasn’t as tight as they were on 12/1. Added the half star cause Wayne had that hot black top on, but took half off cause Roy looked like he came from a wedding! (“He did you idiot.”-Bucky)



RICO’S REVIEW-Again opening for GameFace. Roy St. James was unavailable this night (Fan Club Meeting?), so in his place was Da Scooner. Unfortunatly, this show is getting the low star award. Why? Well, the band didn’t sound tight at all. Several glaring mistakes could be heard-it sounded like there wasn’t enough rehearsal time going in. There should’ve been a sign stating-“Beware of Flying Bass Notes!” for gosh sakes! Plus Scooner-what’s with the, “I just came out of a sports bar” look? This was a rock show, not a hocky match! Even though it sounds like I don’t at times, I really do like CAROLINE BLUE and I know what the band can do-especially Wayne. So when the band-and/or him-fall short, I tend to be hard on them. RATING * (1/2) Bottom Line-it sounded like the band wasn’t fully prepared and you won’t win fans with shows like that guys. They do get an extra 1/2 star though cause Wayne’s reaction to his Mic problem was great and very professional. Hell-it got the biggest response of the evening! Better luck next time guys!



RICO’S REVIEW-A headliner with Jumper Jones opening. JJ did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up. Admittedly, the band seemed a tad off with the 1st few songs-almost like stage fright had hit them all! But then they kicked it into high gear. Gotta tell ya-I love those strobes! Too bad the beacons weren’t working-I love flashers (“I’m sure you do.”-Bucky). RATING *** High Points-the band looked and sounded good. Low Points-that dork who came up and spoke in the mic during one of their songs-you’re soooo cool dude! And Dave-remember to bring a pee bucket with ya BEFORE going on stage 😀


2/22/2002-CLUB 48-FULTON, NY

RICO’S REVIEW-Headlining with Lost & Found opening. L&F put on a pretty good show. Wayne must of liked them a lot cause he had them on for quite awhile. I mean, CAROLINE BLUE didn’t go on till 12:15! But when they did, they hit the stage in full force!! The band sounded pretty good tonight-sans a few memory problems from Mr.Johnson in regards to lyrics (“You be nice!”-Bucky). Plus-where were the strobes and flashers?? That was a downer. They better be around the next time they headline. In addition, Dave still seems to have misplaced his “pee bucket” again. There was a sink right behind ya Dave (just pickin on ya Big V!)! RATING *** They had to cut their show short, but overall, it was a cool show. The band looked and sounded good.



RICO’S REVIEW-An opener for Flatface & The Shemp-Dells. Roy St. James wasn’t at this show, but his twin brother, Roy Coston, was-playin some wicked lead guitar. On the B-Ass Guitar was Mr. Jamie (Luv Me Cuz I Is Italian) Criscione of FRONT ROW and Choads fame. Dave Victory was there poundin on da drums with his Big Stick. And, of course, Wayne was there shakin his butt and causin trouble like he normally does (“You be nice!!”-Bucky). It was an interesting show. There seem to be a problem with the monitors during the 1st song. Every time Wayne was singing, they fed back like crazy! Later on I had a chance to talk to all the band members and they all said they had problems hearing one another on stage. Also, their set was a little short this night-only about 8 songs. Why? Even the band looked a little confused on stage about this one. But they still put on a rockin show and got a good response. Having the 2nd guitar there DEFINITELY thickened up the sound-something to keep in mind Wayno! The band looked good-although Wayne’s pants seemed a little baggy that night (“He was wearing his backup pair-but he still looked good!!”-Bucky). Also-I LOVE that guitar Roy was playing! Anyone who has ROY spelled on a pickup on his guitar is cool by me! And those Criscione backing vocals sounded great! RATING *** The music could’ve been a little tighter-guess that won’t happen till CAROLINE BLUE gets a stable lineup. And, unfortunately, till that happens, I can’t give any show scores higher than this.



RICO’S REVIEW-This was basically a last minute gig in favor of a friend and, I’m sorry to say, it showed. (“You be Nice!”-Bucky). I’m trying to, but I have to be honest here Bucker…(“…..”-Bucky). The band wasn’t even wearing their stage gear! On the plus side, it was mostly originals being played. But the band should shy away from last minute shows. Even Wayne said he didn’t know the show was really on until 4 hours before showtime and that the other guys in the band were pushing for it more than he was. It didn’t help that there were technical difficulties as well-like the mics going out several times during “I Can’t Do it Tonight.” Maybe it was fortunate that not a lot of people were here. Maybe that’s why CAROLINE BLUE took a break from live shows after this.
RATING * Hopefully there will be no more of this!



RICO’S REVIEW– CAROLINE BLUE was opening for LoveBone this night! First I have to mention, the band looked good. No-they looked great! I see that HAM is getting right into the thick of things. Marv was behind the kit, but he’s quite the entertainer-just glad none of those flying sticks hit the band or the crowd! Musically, things were cool. The new covers were OK-although the feedback on “Rebel Yell” was horrible. I prefer to hear CAROLINE BLUE do their originals though…leave the covers to cover bands. One thing though…what happened to “Did I?” Somebody forget to look at the set list or something? I got a look at the list and it was on there, but was it played? Nooooo. I have to say that the bass and guitar seemed a little low in the mix thru their whole set. And what’s with all the icicles that were dangling from the ceiling? I also have to mention that, although they seemed a tad loose, this version of the band has a lot of promise. Can’t wait to see them at The Red Door! RATING *** The band looked and sounded good! I have to take 1 1/2 stars away cause that awful feedback and low mix.



RICO’S REVIEW-CAROLINE BLUE was opening for Flatface & The Shemp-Dells at The Red Door North on 2/22/2003. The 1st thing ya notice was the lighting wasn’t the best here. No back lights at all. In fact, during their 1st song, the stage almost went completely black! Some other bands might have packed it in, but not CAROLINE BLUE! They played an originals heavy set and got a very good response. This current lineup is getting tighter and tighter. Wayne was in good form and sound tonight. Ham was pullin’ off some great moves on stage and actually had a few words to say about the tragedy in R.I. Marv was drummin his heart out and was fierce! And, in a great move, the band brought back the song “The Queen of Pleasure!” Now this was soundin t*ts on toast baby! (“Like you’ve ever tasted one-HA!”-Bucky). Ignorable Bucky…just like you. Bottom Line-the band was in great form and sound. Definitely one of their better shows. Wish there were more lights. I mean, the guys are all wearing black. What’s next-putting white paint on?
Rating ****



-Finally CAROLINE BLUE gets back on stage-it’s been awhile. But let me tell ya-the wait was worth it! CAROLINE BLUE was opening for Sub-Urban this night and hit the stage at 9:30 with an originals heavy set. On one of the cover songs they did, Bill Ali-singer for Pretense-got onstage to sing “Piece of Me” by Skid Row. Everybody was looking good and the music was soundin great.The volume was a little loud though-probably cause none of the amps were mic’d thru the PA. In addition, there was this huge wooden beam right in the middle of the stage-I’m surprised, with all the moving they do, that neither Ham or Wayne ran into it! The band brought back “Hard Life ” into the set and it sounded waaaaaay better than when it was performed back in February of 2002. In addition, 2 more songs made their CAROLINE BLUE debut -“Do it Again” and “Slave to the Hourglass.” The band was kickin major butt-but the main thing was seeing how their new drummer-Kenny Thunder-would be and he didn’t disappoint! Gotta love those double bass kicks! Definitely a welcomed addition to the band.Bottom Line-the band was kickin butt and if they continue on this path they will be unstoppable!!



RICO’S REVIEW-Well,it’s been a little while since we last saw CAROLINE BLUE on stage and when they reappeared-surprise-there’s a lineup change! Is Wayne really that hard to work with? (“You be nice!”-Bucky)…Well, there were 2 bands with CAROLINE BLUE this night. They were The Threetards-who went on 1st, and Cliffdiver & 6 Lb Bucket-who went on last. Both bands did a great job. CAROLINE BLUE hasn’t played in Gatherings since February of 2002, but they came in with a vengeance! They were blinding everyone with their strobes and police beacons-totally awesome! And I believe this is the 1st show where everyone was not only wearing pleather / leather, but everyone was color-coordinated-too cool! Kenny Thunder was nowhere to be found-his place taken by a man only known as “Small.” Let me tell ya, no offense to Kenny, but it was like he was never there. “Small” was anything but musically. It’s even more amazing when you find out he only had 1 (!) practice with the band before going on stage! Ham was pullin off moves like there was no tomorrow and Wayne was puttin things into overdrive! The band had to pull a few covers from their past but due to the lineup problems, that was understandable. There was a good sized crowd here and they ate the band up! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen the band perform. BOTTOM LINE– This was such an awesome show. A few little errors here and there but that’s nit-picking. The band really looked and sounded awesome! (**** 1/2)



RICO’S REVIEW-CAROLINE BLUE was out in Phoenix again this week opening up for Flatface & The Shemp-Dells out at 2-Buck’s Place. It’s kinda like being at The Brickhouse in Fulton in a weird reverse kind of way. Anyway, the band hit the stage around 10. Now, it seemed kinda dark up there-although there was plenty of room onstage. I will say this, the guys must of been very hot up there cause they were sweating like crazy! The band looked good-even though “Small” wasn’t in pleather mode this night. But he’s behind the drums so that’s OK. Musically, the band did fine-but it wasn’t as good as their Gatherings show. They played the same set list so I could really compare the 2. Judging by some of the confused looks on the guys faces at times-maybe they had problems hearing one another. That would explain some of the miscues that happened. Wayne seemed more animated-but he should save that for when the band gets a 2nd guitarist so that he can cover up for him. Kudos to Ham though for doing the Blackie Lawless neck twister during “I’m No Angel” and not severely cramping his neck! BOTTOM LINE-Definitely not the worst I’ve ever heard the band, but it was a drop from what they did last week. Better luck next time guys.RATING ** (1/2)


10/11/2003-NASBAR-FULTON, NY

RICO’S REVIEW-CAROLINE BLUE did another opener for Flatface & The Shemp-Dells in Fulton this night. Normally it would be at The Brickhouse, but since that place closed, the shows are now played over at Nasbar. First of all, outside of the “Incident”, the show wasn’t that bad. The band basically sounded good. What’s up with those damn railings though? I’m surprised the band was able to move at all! They should have played on the other, higher stage. The set list was the same as the last 2 shows, but “Hard Life” was missing. All I have to say about that is….Wassup Wid That????……Now, the “Incident”-during the very 1st song,”Too Late”,Wayne broke a string just before he started singing the 1st verse! Kudos to him for continuing to sing while trying to take off the strap lock and getting his backup guitar on. More bad karma hit him though cause when he played the Explorer (which had fallen to the floor as Wayne was reaching for it), it was horribly out of tune! Sounded like a Toyota was trying blare it horn! After that, the show went fine and seemed to get a great response. BOTTOM LINE-Gotta take some points off cause of “The Incident” but overall the show was OK. RATING-***



RICO’S REVIEW-CAROLINE BLUE played their 1st ever show in Syracuse doing a Tribute to KISS wearing KISS makeup. They were the 1st of 4 bands who played this night. After some really cool intro music (Is that gonna be a regular thing?-Hope so!) the band blasted onto the stage and totally rocked the house! 1st of all, the band was all color coordinated-awesome! The makeup looked great-although it was starting to run a little on certain members. Kudos especially to Wayne for having an almost complete Starchild outfit circa 1975! Very cool! The band was joined by Paul Kimiak-axemaster for Cliffdiver & 6 Lbs Bucket. He did a great job with the leads and making sure that when Wayne was prancing around that he was covered. Ham was Mr.Intensity as The Demon and even spit some blood! Very cool! One of the highlights had to be when Small-as The Catman-came out to sing “Beth”. He was already to go when he pulled out a small tape recorder and played “Beth” thru the mic-everyone was crackin up with that one! And it was great seeing Wayne pull off some moves that haven’t been seen in quite awhile. More than a few of the ladies (and maybe some of the guys?) in the crowd seemed to be focused on his outfit-or what was in it. Wayne looked pretty damn close to The Starchild-all he needed was curlier hair and some chest hair (a perm and spray hair in a can will fix that!) ! And for a guy who was on the tail end of a cold, his vocals sounded great! BOTTOM LINE-The band made an awesome 1st impression with their 1st Syracuse show. 2 songs-“Mine, Mine, Mine” and “Detroit Rock City” were filmed by UMTV and should be on the air soon. We can’t wait! RATING-**** 1/2



RICO’S REVIEW-It’s been quite awhile since we last saw the boys from CAROLINE BLUE perform. Too long if you ask me! (“Who did?”-BUCKY)….Anyhoo-CAROLINE BLUE opened up for Kat Tale at Tundra this night. 1st of all, I have to say the band looked really good. New drummer J. Morey even had leather pants on while he played-now that’s dedication! I have to give kudos to whoever was running the lights & sound that night-they were awesome! I know UMTV was there filming 2 live videos (“I’m No Angel” & “Hard Life”) and I can’t wait to see them! The band had a ton of energy onstage-maybe a little too much. Some of the songs were faster than I remember and I did hear some miscues-but given that this is their 1st show in 10 months and with a new member ta boot-it was pretty damn good! J also did an awesome drummer solo-proving that he’s more than capable of filling the shoes of the last few power drummers that have been in CAROLINE BLUE. B-Ass Guitarist HAM was leaping around like a Mexican jumping bean and taking no prisoners. Wayne was also quite mobile-in part cause there were cameras around (“Since when are there not a ton of cameras/camcorders at a CAROLINE BLUE show???”-BUCKY), but also cause he’s now wireless! RATING– *** . I’ve seen the band do better in the past, but this was a damn good start for this lineup. If they can smooth out a few rough edges, they’re gonna be killer!



RICO’S REVIEW-Hiya, hiya, hiya people! Rico’s back on da attack with another review of CAROLINE BLUE! This time, CAROLINE BLUE was playing out at Arena’s Eis House opening for Aftershock. The 1st thing I have to say was-the place lived up to it’s name-it was damn cold in here! Not to mention it was kinda dark as well….Anyhoo, CAROLINE BLUE got off to a late start-in part cause it just so happened that, not 15 feet from the stage, people were having dinner! Apparently, new drummer J. Morey got impatient and started banging on his kit rather loudly-causing the dinner party to run for their lives! (“And people say I’M dramatic???”-Bucky)…Sound wise,the band was better and tighter than at Tundra-although there was still a number of rough edges that needed to be polished. Guess CAROLINE BLUE are still trying to find their “stage legs”-more shows will help that out though. At the end of their set-in tribute to 9/11-they performed the “Star Spangled Banner”-which was very cool. Unfortunately, it sounded like this was a last minute thing cause it wasn’t very tight at all. Still cool to hear though. J didn’t seem as nervous this time around-although his head mic did make him look like he worked at Burger World (“You be nice!”-Bucky). Wayne sounded better this time as well-although not as mobile. Could be cause the stage floor was very slippery….Course, after that one woman grabbed his “lucky charms” on stage (!!)…I’m surprised he could move at all! However,the MVP award goes out to Ham-who actually had a woman go in front of him and bow- proclaiming herself as a Hamiac-and we actually caught a pic of it!! RATING-*** 1/2 The band looked more relaxed and things sounded better-but they still need to get tighter as a unit.. Hopefully they’ll kick it into high gear at Mac’s!



RICO’S REVIEW-Hey now-Rico’s back with another jaw dropping review of a show with CAROLINE BLUE! 3 shows in 3 weeks-I like it! Hope they can keep this up. This night CAROLINE BLUE was opening up for Modern Rock Madmen Grind. The band exploded on stage and I have to say that the band is getting tighter and tighter. Lights & sound were awesome courtesy of Fairplay Sound. One cool thing was how the mics for the bass drums were put right in the skull’s teeth! Musically the band has come a good way from that Tundra show a few weeks ago. Visually the band looked good-although they didn’t seem as animated as I have seen them in the past-surprising since there was quite a crowd here. Wayne seemed to have a few problems managing his hair in the beginning-I’m surprised he could see! One word Wayne…Aquanet. His guitar sound was a little thin too. Ham’s bass was kinda hard to hear upfront-but that’s what happens when you rent a bass amp from Kmart…. J seemed quite inspired-could be from the horde of hot women that were around him all night-looks like Wayne’s about to be dethroned! RATING-*** 3/4. The band is getting tighter & tighter. There were a few hecklers in the crowd-but that’s gonna happen to every band. The band did a great job of ignoring them and rockin on-keep it up guys!



RICO’S REVIEW-Hey-Rico’s back with another hot & spicy review of CAROLINE BLUE. This time we see the band playing at Mac’s. The show was a Benefit for Breast Cancer Research. It’s so cool that the band was able to do this-even while going thru a lineup change! I have to admit being a little worried about CB. I mean, they get a new bassist and in 2 weeks they’re gonna play a show! Well, I have to say that my fears were unfounded. CB’s new bassist, Big Bad Billy Pierce, did an awesome job! I was very surprised at how tight the band sounded onstage. It was like they’d been playing together for months! Seeing that Bill’s a lefty, the image of the band looks so cool with a 3 piece lineup. Course, we might have to get Billy a wig-but I plan on giving him my Cosmo Fashion list soon so he should be all set. I must also say that, although I loved seeing Ham’s Kmart amp, Billy’s bass stack looked & sounded cool! The light show was awesome here and Wayne’s voice was in good form. His guitar tone wasn’t though-you could hear constant feedback and a crackling noise-time for maybe some upgrading Wayne-O? Metal J was his crazy self and was even more intense after the show. Seeing the horde of women following him after the show, I think maybe Wayne’s reign as head ladies man in the band is over! RATING-**** 1/2 The band sounded & looked great! Have to take a half star off for Wayne-O’s guitar problems-but otherwise this is one of the top CAROLINE BLUE show’s I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait till the next one!



RICO’S REVIEW-Here we are with another review of CAROLINE BLUE! The band is back at Tundra Tavern-this time opening for Titanium Black. The band came out with some cool intro music and blasted into their originals. They were well received by the crowd there. There weren’t as many lights as the last time they were there, but it still looked good. The band was dressed to kill and I have to say I love Triple B’s (Big Bad Billy) Oar Bass-talk about a harbinger for future fashion! Musically, the band sounded good, but they weren’t as tight as they were at Mac’s. Not far from it mind you-but just a little bit off. Triple B really helps the tightness of the band. Metal J brings the intensity-you can almost feel the energy coming off of him. I also have to say that Wayne was really on vocally this night. Course-he was also posing for pics all night long so….. RATING– **** They weren’t as tight as at Mac’s but that’s just nit picking. I believe that CAROLINE BLUE is on a roll. This lineup rocks!



RICO’S REVIEW-Hey True Blue fans! Rico’s back in action baby-damn, I should get a raise for doing so many reviews (“The only raise you’ll get is my foot up your %$&+!!!!”-Bucky)…..Gotta love them happy pills….Anyhoo, CAROLINE BLUE was in Phoenix tonight, sandwiched between Zadoc…& The Nightmare and LoveBone. Both of those bands did very well and put some pressure on our boys in da blue to meet and rise above their standard. In addition, although all the bands were doing UMTV shoots, CAROLINE BLUE was the only one that had to lip-synch in front of a live crowd-twice! That’s no mean feet baby! Since this was CB’s show, we got the full treatment of strobes-but no flashers. WTF? Plus, the strobes were on too long at times. I thought I was gonna get dizzy at one point! Maybe Wayne got dizzy too, cause he made several errors onstage this night. Maybe I’m just nit-picking, but I don’t think he was on this night. Then again, when it came time for the video-he was definitely on. Metal J & Triple B did a great job during the live show-very energetic! During the shoot though ,they seemed a little hesitant. Course, this was their first concept video-Wayne already had one under his belt with “Mine, Mine, Mine.” RATING– *** Although Wayne gets points for singing “Happy Birthday” to a fan-alternating between Marylin Monroe & Cookie Monster-he wasn’t on this night like he should have been. Add to that a few other little mistakes and this show is the lowest rating of the new lineup yet! Get it in gear guys!


RICO’S REVIEW-Looks like we got a last minute show here! CAROLINE BLUE got called in to sub in for a band this night at Tundra. How well did they do? Well, they must of read my last review and took it to heart cause this is more like it baby! There wasn’t a huge crowd here-but that didn’t stop CB from kickin booty baby! The band looked & sounded great. All those errors from the last show were basically non-existent….I do wish these clubs would use more than red and green lights. The pics look like the show was on Mars! Course, if it was green light, the guys would all look like zombies…I gotta say too-every time Metal J does his solo at Tundra, a drum stick goes flying out of control and tonight was no exception. We’re gonna have to make a video comp. of this if it keeps up! RATING-**** 1/3 Even people around me were saying that CB was much better & tighter than the last time they saw them. This is the way the band should sound all the time. Ooh-yeah!!!



RICO’S REVIEW-To my knowledge, this is the first time CAROLINE BLUE has done a show 2 days in a row. I don’t think Wayne’s ever sung 2 shows in a row either, so I knew this show would be interesting. Nice place 1st off. The bands were put in this cramped area-I’m surprised Wayne & Triple B didn’t run into each other. Lights weren’t that good at times. During the 1st song, the lights weren’t even on for 3/4 of it! Triple B wasn’t even heard thru most of the 1st song! Metal J was on this riser-which was cool-but if he stood up his head would’ve been in the ceiling! The band sounded good the 1st half of their set, but started to get a tad ragged towards the end. Outside of a few little mistakes here and there, the band did good. Wayne’s voice held out-although it did crack once during “I’m No Angel”. Kinda funny, cause later on he got onstage with LoveBone to sing “Cold Gin” with all these high screams and he did fine. There weren’t any strobes, but with all the flashes going off, there might as well have been. RATING-***7/8 Not bad-better than Gatherings, but not as good as Tundra. If the band can just tighten things up a little more, they’ll be mint baby!



RICO’S REVIEW- The boys in CAROLINE BLUE were back at Tundra with 6 other bands in a send off to 2004! The band went on 2nd and played a good.-yet short set. In fact, even the band seemed puzzled as to the length of their set. Outside of a few little mistakes here & there, the band looked & sounded good. Kudos to Metal J for not having a stick fly into the crowd when he did his drum solo 🙂 It was also cool to see CB actually have a merch table set up at the show. RATING-**** The band did good and seemed to get a great response form the people that will there. Blue Mania is starting to spread…..


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