6/19/2006-STTH CD Review by Matthew Hoffman-HardrockHaven.Net-Houston, TX

Slave to the Hourglass CD Review by Matthew Hoffman for HardRockHaven.Net-6/19/2006-Houston, TX
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Caroline Blue
Slave to the Hourglass

by Matthew Hoffman
Staff Writer

Comments: Caroline Blue is a three member melodic rock outfit from upstate New York. The first question that comes to mind when the laser hits the disc is why the @#%$ is a band trying to sound like KISS in 2006? The music is solid if not above average, but it sounds like a KISS tribute record. And it is impossible to get past that. And no matter what anyone has ever, said KISS sucks @#%$. They were 90% image and 10% substance.

There is a hidden track that actually is a voice mail from their landlord that asks them to stop pissing off the neighbors, including making humping motions with a stuffed animal. Now that @#%$ is funny. The recommendation here is to do anything in the world but sound like those KISS “cheese dicks” with their next creative project.

Overall, the music is pretty well done so it is painful to do this, but this CD is certainly not one worth your hard earned 15 dollars.

Band Members
Azriel Mordecai (Bass)
Metal J (Drums/ Backing Vocals)
Wayne W. Johnson (Guitar/ Lead Vocals)

Track listing:
(1)-Slave to the Hourglass
(3)-Hard Life
(4)-The Queen of Pleasure
(5)-Too Late
(6)-Inertia (Hidden Track)
(7)- “Stuffed Fun” (Hidden Track)

HRH Rating: 3/10


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