7/4/2006-STTH CD Review-Glenn Milligan-Metallville.com (United Kingdom)

-Slave to the Hourglass CD review by Glenn Milligan for metallville.com website-7/4/2006-United Kingdom

-To see the actual review, click HERE

Caroline Blue – Slave to the Hourglass (E.P)
(WWJ Productions – 2006)

A good ole metal 3-piece from Syracuse, New York who take us back to the mid 80’s with their Kiss like sound and Paul Stanley’ish vocals. It’s a five tracker with songs that have cool playing and plenty of hooks such as those found in ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ or the cheesey lyriced ‘The Queen of Pleasure’ with its throbbing distorted rhythm playing.

Keep the cd player on till track 13 as it’s really funny – a telephone call of complaining from their landlord.


By Glenn Milligan


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