12/1/2001-CB.NET Interview with Wayne W. Johnson

CB.NET is proud to present an interview w/ Wayne W. Johnson-singer/guitarist of CAROLINE BLUE-as he makes his way to a show at Club 48 in Fulton,N.Y. It was very interesting. We also found out that carrying a conversation with Wayne while he’s driving is not always the brightest of ideas. You’ll see what we mean-so start reading faithful one!!!

CB.NET-How ya feelin’ Wayne?

WWJ-Nervous, but confident. It’s been awhile, but I’ve worked pretty hard for this. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be so its time to go kick ass!

CB.NET-What kind of stuff are you doing tonight?

WWJ-We’re just opening so it’s just 1 set-8 covers and 4 originals.

CB.NET-Why not all original?

WWJ-Not in Fulton. You might be able to get away with that in Syracuse, but in Fulton you’ll be playing to an empty bar if you do that. Excuse me. (Wayne leans out the window)-“Hey! What shade of green are you waiting for?! Let’s go!!”-Sorry bout that.

CB.NET-So… what originals are ya doing tonight?

WWJ-2 of them, ‘I Can’t Do It Tonight’ and ‘Did I’, were written by a good friend of mine named Randy Gray back in the FRONT ROW days. ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ was also written back then by me and my good friend Jay Hatch. #4 is ‘Queen of Pleasure’-written by me and Chris Quinn (The Mighty).

CB.NET-I Can’t Do It Tonight….does that have to do with…?

WWJ-You’ll have to ask Randy about that one! (Laughs). Then again, I’ve had a few embarrassing moments in the bedroom/car/sofa/floor/bathtub in my time….

CB.NET-Oh really?

WWJ-Oh yeah. Every guy has-or will when they get older. It happens. There are other ways to please a woman than with your…F*CK!!(hear the sound of tires screeching and something hitting the car)…..Man, I hope they don’t get a lot of mail…….

CB.NET-They won’t now. So, are Roy and Dave all fired up and ready to go?

WWJ-Oh yeah. I just gotta keep an eye on them. They’re both in relationships and have to make sure the old “lady killers” don’t resurface .Can’t have shows if my rhythm section is in Intensive Care!

CB.NET-Can you manage?

WWJ-I’ll try. Being the nice guy that I am, my job will be to try and keep the women away from them. I don’t have their skills, but I’ll do what I can.

CB.NET-Just be careful Wayne. Last thing you need is a jealous boyfriend storming into Club 48 trying to cause trouble….

WWJ-Too Late!! (Laughs). Hey-here we are. Thanks for everything. Now it’s time to kick some serious butt!


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