11/2/2010-Interview with Alwayz Therro Magazine-Brooklyn, NY

-Here’s an interview of Wayne W. Johnson for “Alwayz Therro” Magazine based in Brooklyn, NY on November 2, 2010.

-To read the actual interview, click HERE

The Sweet Sweet Sounds of “Caroline Blue”

-CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock Band based in Syracuse , NY . Their music has been described as being similar in style to KISS w/ touches of Type O Negative, Dokken, Megadeth , LA Guns & Chevelle mixed in. CAROLINE BLUE consists of Wayne W. Johnson on vocals / guitar and Assorted Hired Musicians. CAROLINE BLUE has released 2 CDs-”Slave to the Hourglass (2005) and “Not For The Innocent (2007). The leader and driving force behind CAROLINE BLUE, WWJ started his journey on the path of musicianship during the later years of high school. Initially involved in music for women & fitting in with his circle of friends, WWJ discovered his true passion for music in his college days-graduating Magna Cum Laud w/ a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from SUNY Oswego. WWJ initially started out as a lead guitarist & was in several bands from the CNY music scene-including X-Rated, Front Row, Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Tribute) & Smokin’ Worm. WWJ then played bass for five years in CNY bands like Four Large Men & Tastes Like Chicken-as well as fill in/session work. Wanting to take things to the next level & beyond, WWJ returned to guitar, added lead vocal duties, and formed CAROLINE BLUE-planning to take it “as far as I can.”

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?

-I’m just a regular guy who uses music as a means to honestly express himself. If they want more, then I give them the shortened version of the CAROLINE BLUE bio 🙂

How long have you been in the industry?

-I’ve been in various local bands in Central NY since I was 21. CAROLINE BLUE has been around since 2001.

Do you have any projects out now?

-CAROLINE BLUE is still active.The “Pain” music video was released earlier this year & more videos based on the songs from our last CD “Not For the Innocent” are in the works. After that’s all done, a DVD compilation of those videos will be made. After that, work will begin on a new CAROLINE BLUE CD.

-I’m also doing some acting. I have a support role in a movie called “Fallen Angels” (T.O.M. Entertainment) that is currently being filmed-as well as another movie called “Rise Up & Fall” (Hewitt Films). Last year I had a small role in a movie called “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust” by acclaimed film maker Ron Bonk-who just so happens to be producing the latest batch of CAROLINE BLUE music videos.

What inspires your music?

-My past relationships (HA!). That’s only partly true. To me, music is a means to express what is inside you. CAROLINE BLUE is a way for me to honestly express the feelings and / or experiences I have had. While the majority is based on internal stuff, external stuff also comes into play. If I read / see something and it sparks enough interest / thought, it will end up to some degree in my songwriting.

Where are you from?
– Syracuse , NY

What artists in the industry inspire you the most today?

-I would like to think I have a broad range when it comes to music. I’m more a fan of individual songs than genres. If a song hooks me, it doesn’t matter to me what genre it comes from. So while I do listen to a lot of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, I also listen to Classic Rock, Pop, Dance, Acoustic, Blues, Classical, Guitar Instrumental, Techno & more in various degrees.

– I do listen to newer music when I have the time-mainly via radio-and some of that will seep into what I do. Having said that, I still look to the music that inspired me when I was 1st developing as a musician-the primary band being KISS.

Why is that?

-When I 1st got into KISS, one of the great things I discovered was that they had so many albums out. I’d get one and play it for awhile-then have a new album ready to listen to right away. Plus they didn’t just stay in one mode-they experimented w/ different genres & songwriting styles. Some of my favorite KISS songs are on “Dynasty” & “Unmasked.”-known as their “pop / disco” albums. Course, another favorite is “Creatures of the Night”-one of their heavier albums. I love that they did that and CAROLINE BLUE has used a similar approach. A song like “Love Me or Leave Me” (in the KISS vein) is not the same as “Pain” (heavier) or “Stay” (lighter)-but they’re all on the same CD. I’ve always said that CAROLINE BLUE’s music is mainly in the Melodic Hard Rock vein ala KISS, but there will be some songs that are heavier & some songs that are lighter.

What makes you different from other artist today?

-I don’t go around stating how different & original we are 🙂 There are only 12 notes in Western music and nothing really that original under the sun anymore. In the beginning, I used to describe CAROLINE BLUE as “Classic Hard Rock” and I still feel that applies to a large extent. I’m basically expressing myself thru this medium w/ what I currently know & feel. That is more compelling & interesting to me that trying to “break new ground.”

What do you want your future fans to know about you?

-That I thank them for taking the time to check out what CAROLINE BLUE is all about. For those who like the music-great! For those who don’t-that’s OK-at least you gave us a shot. For those who are CB fans, I just want to say that I really appreciate all your support and for sticking by even when I make the occasional wrong turn here & there. More stuff is on the way….


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