6/21/2006-STTH CD Review-Tracey L.-Glam-Metal.com-Buffalo, NY

Slave to the Hourglass CD Review by Tracey L. for the Glam-Metal.com website-Buffalo, NY
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Slave to the Hourglass

Band Line-up (which has since changed from this release): Wayne W. Johnson-vocals & guitar, Mike Merrifield & Dave Victory, drums; Jamie Criscione-Bass

Stand-out Tracks: “Mine, Mine, Mine / The Queen of Pleasure”

This five-song release comes from Syracuse NY. Singer / guitarist Wayne W. Johnson is a promotions animal, and has no problem attracting attention; as he’s got that rockstar persona the ladies swoon over and a voice that has an uncanny resemblance to that of Paul Stanley of KISS (which just happens to be one of his biggest influences), and he ain’t half bad on the six-string either!

In fact, the guitar riffs and solos are the shining stars on the tracks The Queen of Pleasure,” and Hard Life.”This band embodies all things 80s and does it up right with stinging guitars and a live show that provides plenty of raw energy. Although the band has gone through a recent line-up change, anyone who fancies KISS, or old school 80s hair metal, is sure to get a rise outta this CD. As Wayne states, “Currently we’re recording our new CD at Strangeland Audio Studios in Phoenix, NY with Scott Patnode doing the producing / engineering. I’m doing all the vocals / guitar & bass as well as executive producing. The drums are done by Monster Mike Merrifield. There will be 12 songs with some possible bonus / hidden tracks. We’re anticipating a late summer / fall release, but will take as long as needed to make sure it’s the best it can be!”

Rating out of 10: 6.5
Review by Tracey L


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