4/14/2006-CAROLINE BLUE Write Up by Doc Roc-My Space

This is a short write up of CAROLINE BLUE from a man who called himself “Doc Roc” on his My Space page.

The actual on My Space is gone but Doc Roc’s website can be seen HERE

Caroline Blue

Band Members
Wayne W. Johnson-Guitar / Vocals
Carmen Giocondo- Temporary on Drums
Azriel Mordecai-Bass
Type of Label: None

Band Website carolineblue.com

Killer…Attitude yep they got it, my long hair becomes knotted from all the head bopping their songs command me to do. From the booming bass to the banging drums, and frantic, hectic guitar licks. I can feel my upper lip curl up in a snear,and they have an attitude and sound very similar to KISS. Wayne bring in lyrics that are just as domineering as the instraments. According to them Carmen is on drums teporarily, I think he should become permanent, but that is up to them I can’t think of how they could be played better. Azriel has a commanding platform from which he delivers hard steady bass that sets the tone upon which the drums compliment with a kick ass attitude. And their videos make me want to go see one of their concerts they look great on cam and have a feeling they would look great on stage too. All in all I think the word Attitude fits them to a T. cause they have it from start to end.


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