12/18/2005-STTH CD Review-Strutter’Zine (The Netherlands)

Slave to the Hourglass CD Review by Strutter’Zine Website-12/18/2005-The Netherlands\
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Slave to the Hourglass CD Review
Strutter’Zine (The Netherlands)-12/18/2005

-Classic 80s US Melodic Hardrock reminding a lot of 80s KISS, KEEL and some DANGER DANGER. Especially the PAUL STANLEYish vocals of singer (and guitarist) Wayne W. Johnson are making them sound a lot like 80s KISS. 5 songs are on the CD of this New York based band and the reason why it sounds that 80s orientated is the fact that the songs were written some 15 years ago! Nevertheless, this is cool in your face 80s Melodic Hardrock with strong vocals, especially on uptempo songs like “Slave to the hourglass” and “The Queen of Pleasure” (hell yeah! Best song with flashy guitarwork and a strong catchy sound a la LOUD AND CLEAR’s debut). A definite must-have for fans of 80s Hair Metal!

(Points: 8.1 out of 10)


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