9/2/2007-Buffalo Rockers For Life 2007 CD Review-Mark Bialczak-Syracuse, NY

-Buffalo Rockers For Life 2007 CD Review by Mark Bialczak on 9/2/2007 for The Post Standard Newspaper-Syracuse, NY

by Mark Bialczak

(Hard Rock) “Buffalo Rockers For Life 2007,” Various Artists, Illumina Records

-Syracuse Rock Bands Brace and Caroline Blue contributed songs for a good cause out of Buffalo. The motto for the Ground Control Drunk Driving Prevention Campaign is “Saving Lives…one song at a time.”

-Brace and Caroline Blue join the Buffalo-area bands on the 19-song collection that’s spirited and full of both power and hooks.

-Singer Jim Muleane, guitarist Darin Scott, bassist Kevin Rood and drummer Angel Rivera of Brace rip it up on their hard-edged rocker “Fist of Job.” Scott points out that it’s cut #13. Good luck this time.

-Guitarist-singer Wayne W. Johnson, bassist Johnny Sniper and drummer Mike Merrifield of Caroline Blue get their angst out on “Slave to the Hourglass.:

-The CD also provides a hearty introduction to Buffalo’s best, including Lift, Bearthur and The Shakin’ Bones.

-Ground Control has released compilation CDs featuring groups from Chicago and New York City. Brace and Caroline Blue are certainly in good company.

On the internet: Illumina Records can be contacted at http://www.myspace.com.groundcontrolawareness . Brace’s page is http://www.myspace.com/braceband and Caroline Blue’s page is http://www.myspace.com/carolineblue


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