1/13/2005-Weekend Plus-Observer Dispatch-Jessica Ryen-Utica, NY

This is a write up on 1/13/05 by Jessica Ryen for The Weekend Plus, which was an addition to The Observer-Dispatch, a newspaper from Utica, NY.

By Jessica Ryen
Syracuse Band Works Hard To Build A Name For Itself

SYRACUSE-The latest incarnation of CAROLINE BLUE has been together since November, and already the band has released a CD.

Based out of Syracuse, the trio is pushing to be a regional band; with that in mind, the CD is available at The Last Unicorn in New Hartford.

Wayne W. Johnson, CB’s lead singer and guitarist, said his band, which he originally started in 2000, is “melodic hard rock”-as in the vein of KISS.

“For me, personally, KISS and Motley Crue are my inspirations,” Johnson said. “We still do some cover songs at our shows, but most of our stage time is devoted to the originals on our CD.”

The other band members are “Metal” J. Morey on drums and Billy Pierce on bass.
Johnson said the band’s name comes from a place where he used to work. There, they had code names named “Carolines” that had a different color attached depending on the emergency. He liked CAROLINE BLUE and thought it wouldn’t pidgeon -hole the group into a certain genre of music.

Johnson said he used to be a member of Four Large Men, which played at The Rock N Roll Preserve in the 1990’s. He hopes that CB can make its way into the Utica area.
“We want to go as far as we can,” Johnson said. “We want to go forward until we can’t move forward anymore.”

This weekend, catch CAROLINE BLUE Friday, Jan. 14, at Murphy’s, 107 West Fayette St., and Saturday, Jan. 15, at Roche’s Tavern in South Edmeston.


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