Not For The Innocent

“…On the new album ”Not For The Innocent”, there is a progress noticeable – also, a big step in straight to originality is remarkable. Especially his vocal use on the new album is better than ever before to me… individuals never heard Wayne’s before, well let me give it a try to describe as a blend of Paul Stanley (Kiss), Mat Barlow (Iced Earth) and a bit of Joey Belladonna from Anthrax…Driven by hard ripping, groovy guitars – this output really hits the deck pretty hard and mean as hell…Heavy, groovy and melodic with lots of ‘classic’ vibes, these present songs are ‘not for the innocent’ but for ‘real hard rock ‘n’ rolling maniacs only who likes it rough, loud and heavy…To me, ‘Not For The Innocent’ is Caroline Blue’s best album up to date – especially fanatics of Classic Hard Rock and Metal music will be impressed with this product…”-Stefan Sileghem-Metal to Infinity (Belgium)

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Release Date-August 31, 2007
Recorded at Strangeland Audio Studios-Phoenix, NY
Produced & Engineered By Scott Patnode
Executive Producer-Wayne W. Johnson



WAYNE W. JOHNSON-All Vocals, Guitars & Bass

MIKE MERRIFIELD-Drums, Backing Vocals on “Pain”

NATHAN ANGELL-Backing Vocals on “Pain”

TOM CATERA-Backing Vocals on “Pain”



(1)-OUR LOVE IS WASTED (Johnson / Merrifield). © 2006, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Monster Mike Creations (ASCAP)

(2)-LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (Johnson / Merrifield). © 1994, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Monster Mike Creations (ASCAP)

(3)-DENY (Johnson). © 2006, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(4)-PAIN (Johnson). © 1994, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(5)-STAY (Johnson). © 2002, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(6)-OUT OF MY LIFE (I WANT YOU) (Johnson / Merrifield) © 2001, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Monster Mike Creations (ASCAP)

(7)-I’VE SEEN THE LIGHT TONIGHT (Johnson) © 1994, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(8)-WON’T BE HOME TONIGHT (Johnson) © 1995, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(9)-FAR AWAY FROM HOME (Johnson) © 1994, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(10)-DEAD OR ALIVE (Johnson) © 1996, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(11)-INSIDE (Johnson) © 1999, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)

(12)-NOTHING WILL SATISFY YOU (Johnson / Merrifield / Coston) © 1996, 2007 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Monster Mike reations (ASCAP), Roy Coston (ASCAP)



  1)-Concept videos for PAIN, DEAD OR ALIVE and I’VE SEEN THE LIGHT TONIGHT (as well as a remixed version of STAY entitled “Pay The Electric Bill Mix”) can be seen on the WATCH page.

2)-The song PAIN is also featured on the CD Compilation “Metal Vs. Rock Vol. 4”

 3)-The song OUT OF MY LIFE (I WANT YOU) is also featured on the CD Compilation the 2009 Fingerlakes Metalfest CD Sampler

4)-The song LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME is also featured on the CD-R Compilation CNY Rock Productions Presents The Rock of CNY Vol. 1

5)-The song I’VE SEEN THE LIGHT TONIGHT is also featured on a 2009 digital compilation made by MUSIC FOR TROOPS.

6)-The following songs were included in the feature film “RISE UP & FALL” by HEWITT FILMS.
A)-DENY-heard in scene where lap dance was being done
B)-INSIDE-Intro played before mob hit
C)-STAY-played (non-vocal) when main character delivering bad news to girlfriend of character who was just killed

7)-The followings songs were featured on various episodes of the “Fail Man” web series by MAD ANGEL FILMS

A)-DEAD OR ALIVE– Episodes 1, 2, 4 + 2012 Promo “The Return of Failman”
B)-DENY-Episode 3
C)-OUR LOVE IS WASTED-Episodes 1, 2

8)-The song PAIN (as well as PREY) were included in the feature film “WOMEN’S PLAYGROUND” by TAPESTRY ENTERTAINMENT LLC

9)-The song LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME was included in the feature film KILLER CAMPOUT by FUZZY MONKEY FILMS


1)-“…Caroline Blue likes to churn things up heavy metal style. Johnson’s voice snarls the thick and edgy “Deny….”-Mark Bialczak-The Post Standard Newspaper

2)-“…-Reminiscent musically of perhaps a current LA Guns or Dokken, while vocally most certainly that of KISS’ Paul Stanley, Johnson wrote and recorded the 12 original tracks on Not For The Innocent almost entirely on his own…Johnson gets kudos here for creating different textures and tempos, showing that he is not only willing, but capable of expanding his repertoire…. Oh, and the man can also cut one hell of a guitar solo!…” -Joe Milliken-Limelight Magazine

3)-“…Caroline Blue play a mix of classic rock and heavy metal with some blues influence, taking inspiration from different artistss from the 70s and 80s… the main thing that makes this better than the previous release is that the songwriting is just overall more solid. The vocal lines are catchier, the riffs are better and I’d say the guitar solo department has gotten better too…the vocals have a lot more powerto them too, the main vocalist seems to just let loose in true rock and roll style much better than on the first one. I guess you could say that this album is just more powerful. It just has a harder kick to it, makes you feel more involved. I can tell that these guys must be a blast to see live…”-Muloc7253-Encyclopaedia Metallum (UK)

4)-“…Two things are common to be found in the three to four minutes long songs: A hooking riff that is strummed more or less, and the tasteful and good vocals of mastermind Wayne W. Johnson which cumulative in straight forward choruses. These choruses let you sing along first time around and make you raise your fist and shout…Somehow CAROLINE BLUE are a car driving band. They make you wanna roll down your windows and show the world what hard rock sounds like in 2008…”- Michael Kohsiek-Sacred Metal Website (Germany)

5)-“…The first thing that jumps to listen album, are good riffs, solos and vocal lines sticky, the vocalist / guitarist Wayne W. Johnson knew fit their voice with the guitar he plays with very good taste, all together a good production for a CD independently…”-Anderson Pulegio-On The Road Zine (Japan / South America)

6)-“…The sound of Caroline Blue is very similar and the Kiss (in which the timbre of lead singer Wayne W. Johnson is also so much like that of Stanley). Wayne is also the lead guitarist….Besides the obvious influence of Kiss in their sound, note also elements or influences of other groups of Californian hard rock eighties-like Dokken and LA Guns, and even something heavy / thrash like Megadeth in the sound of Caroline Blue…“Our Love Is Wasted”, “” Love Me or Leave Me ” , “Pain”, “I’ve Seen The Light Tonight, “” Inside “and” Nothing Will Satisfy You. ”These tracks are then overflowing energy embedded in hard rock with sharp guitars and well in the face distorted. Focus on the compositions as a whole and the good voice and creativity of the singer…”-Fred Mika-Stryke Virtual Metal Magazine & Promotion (Brazil)

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