Lyrics-Slave to the Hourglass

Here are the lyrics for the songs found on the “Slave to the Hourglass” EP. Songs can be heard on the LISTEN page.


© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP), Monster Mike Creations (ASCAP), Roy Coston (ASCAP), Jerry Yerman
Year Written-1994
Lyrics-Jerry Yerman & Mike Merrifield
Music-Roy Coston, Mike Merrifield, Wayne W. Johnson

Punch that clock everyday
Workin 5 to 5
There’s no American Dream
I should be glad just to be alive
The pressure’s buildin’ up
The walls are closin in
But still I’m forced to play
This losers game that I can’t win

Slave to the Hourglass
I just might lose my mind
I’m a Slave to the Hourglass
Just tow the bossman’s line

My life’s a whirling, sucking
Eddy of despair
The only funny thing
Is that I just don’t care
When I was young I said
This won’t happen to me
But now all that I have
Is sleep to set me free



© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)
Year Written-1991
Lyrics-Jason Hatch
Music-Wayne W. Johnson

Well I woke up this morning, my head too full to think
Hauled my ass up out of bed and made myself a drink
I barely remember very much of anything we said
The last thing I remember was wishin you were dead
That you were dead
I know it’s been a week or 2, but I lost track of time
If this keeps up much longer girl, I’ll surely loose my mind
I’m not sure I understand just why you went away
But I think I’ll have another drink and just take it day by day
Take it day by day

No-Should feel better
No-Should feel fine
I-gotta get myself together
Cause you’re no longer Mine, Mine, Mine

I’m cruisin down the boulevard to find some company
Someone who will get me over what you’ve done to me
I just need to find a girl that makes me feel alright
But then again with the state I’m in I’ll be drivin round all night
Round all night
Now I don’t think I’ll ever find another girl like you
But that’s no consolation for the hell you’ve put me thru
I love the way you move I like your lips so cherry red
Come back round here I’ll put a bullet in your head
Right in your head



© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)
Year Written-1991
Lyrics-Jason Hatch
Music-Wayne W. Johnson

Judy was a lover, hiding undercover
Every night she walked the streets sellin off her soul
Dressed in lace & leather, always so together
No one realizing she was losing her control
Morning finds her smokin, drinkin-anything to keep from thinkin
Dreams of what she could’ve been are screamin in her head
Late night parties dancin, shakin-you can tell the toll they’re takin
Every day’s another pill just to get you outta bed

It’s a hard, hard life
Livin night to night
It’s a long long way
To a happy every after from a lonely yesterday
It’s a Hard, Hard Life

Judy was a loner, no one really knows her
No one said a single word the day she past away
Just another hooker, probably was a looker
Doesn’t mean a fuckin thing it happens everyday
In the streets they’re dyin, screamin-makes it hard to keep on dreamin
I hear you’re lucky if you make it thru the night
With dirty cops and politicians, feedin you the crap they’re dishin’
It’s hard to tell what is wrong and what is right

Round and round a vicious circle, midnight black and deeper purple
People killin people for a little piece of space
On and on they keep on comin, thru the streets they keep on runnin
Here comes another girl-she’s takin Judy’s place



© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP) & Chris Quinn
Year Written-1989
Lyrics-Chris Quinn, Wayne W. Johnson
Music-Wayne W. Johnson, Chris Quinn

One look at you and she knows
Where it stands and where it goes
She’ll never stop take it to the top
Cause she wants the money

There’s a lady we all know
She does her thing in a dirty video
A porno star-The Queen of Pleasure
She does the same thing every night
She doesn’t care if it’s wrong or it’s right
You’ll never stop-The Queen of Pleasure
A porno star-The Queen of Pleasure

Gang bang and you’re dead
She’ll play the part-full screen spread
She’ll never fall-gonna give it her all
Cause she wants the money

One look at her it make you hot
Pubic hairs X marks the spot
Don’t be a fool it’s a sexual school
And she’s gonna teach ya



© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)
Year Written-1991
Lyrics-Jason Hatch
Music-Wayne W. Johnson

If I seem to be lost in re-monition
Don’t you worry I’m not goin’ anywhere
If I seem to have my reservations
Well I want so much to show you that I care
I’ve been burned one too many times and time enough again
But I want to be with you when you tell me that I can
You can keep your consolations, I’m really somethin’ more
I won’t make the same mistakes that I made 3 months before

Take it or leave it
Do whatcha gotta do
But you better believe it cause it’s too far gone it’s true baby

Too Late-much too late, much too late for love
Too Late-much too late, much too late to love me

You’re all caught up in masturbation
But you don’t know a thing about what’s real
So babe all you want is recreation
This heart takes a long long time to heal
You’ve got stars in your eyes, and a pocket full of dreams
But I’m tellin you baby, it sure ain’t what it seems
I don’t mean to be heartless, I don’t mean to be cruel
But I won’t throw my life away cause I ain’t nobody’s fool



© 2004 WWJ Productions (ASCAP)
Year Written-1988
Music-Wayne W. Johnson


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