6/27/2010-Interview with David Garlow-Local CNY Music Examiner-Syracuse, NY

-Here’s an interview with Wayne W. Johnson by David Garlow for the Local CNY Music Examiner in Syracuse, NY on June 27, 2010.

-To read the actual interview, click HERE

Wayne Johnson of Caroline Blue, one busy and talented guy!

June 27, 2010

-Among so many talented musicians out there, one that has stood out to me is Wayne W. Johnson of Caroline Blue. In all of my cyber-surfing and keeping current with what’s up out there, this guy always pops-up somewhere along the way. He is also one the hardest working talents I have met and, as I have learned, very diverse in his pursuits. Wayne is an active musician, actor, writer, and from my meetings with him over the years, just a cool guy that personifies the ‘no ego’ that can be sorely lacking in the scene at times. He took the time to name bands and venues from over the years and in trying not to leave anyone out shows just how much he appreciates the people that touched his life and career. A note to WWJ and to the lists below: Dude, no WAY am I getting all those links, two words if you all want to: Search Engine! Let’s dive in and get to know more about Wayne and what he is all about.

DG– Okay, background time, places, schools, give us the lil Wayne years. (No pun intended, sorry! =)

WWJ-As a young lad, I did a lot of traveling, mostly within the USA but sometimes out of it. At one time I even lived out on the Marshall Islands for 3 years. Most of my teenage years and up have been in CNY. Starting out at Roxboro Middle School, I went for a year to N. Syracuse Junior High. Then it was Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Then I got my Associates Degree (Humanities) at Onondaga Community College and my Bachelor’s Degree (Music) at SUNY Oswego.

DG– So where are you located these days?

WWJ-I’m still in the area. Maybe it’s due to all the moving around I did when I was a wee lad.

DG-So now we know the basics. That brings us to bands and experience, who did you play with and anything else in the workload?

WWJ-My past bands include: X-Rated, Kupid’s Kurse, Zealous, Front Row, Smokin’ Worm, Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Tribute), Four Large Men, Tastes Like Chicken, Spider Babys and my current project-CAROLINE BLUE. I’ve also done some hired gun work for various bands both live & in the studio.

DG– That is a cool list and I recognize most of those and even the band mates you were playing with, so what places did you do shows?

WWJ– I’ve played about 377 shows in various places including: (takes a deep breath) The Lost Horizon / Tundra Tavern, Fuoco’s Hideaway, Big Bertha’s / Gatherings By Design, Broadwells, The Warehouse, Champ’s Corner, Filthy McNasty’s, The Port Byron Hotel, Mr. Pete’s Place, The Bowl Inn, Ronnie D’s, The Tazmanian Embassy, Ryan’s Café / The Brickhouse, Jammer’s Tavern, Flo Jo’s, Jake’s Place, The Salemhouse, Coconuts, Huckleberry’s Inn, Club Gemini, Palm Beach Club, Jumping Jack’s, The Five & Dime, The Tip-a Few, The Baha Beach Club, Chillers, The Pub, Durty Nelly’s, Lily’s, Club 48, The Munnsville Hotel, Lucy’s Lounge, The Wolf’s Inn, Sam’s Lakeside, Lakeview Lanes, Fozzies, The Starlight Ballroom, The Half Penny Pub, Mac’s Bad Art Bar, B.P. Edwards, Sixers, The Driveway Inn, The Milkstation, The Flip of the Coin, Cougars, The Owl’s Nest, The Strike Zone, Pepper’s Place, The Red Door North, Mr. C’s, Nasbar, Bleachers, 2 Bucks / Schultzies, Arena’s Eis House, Roche’s Tavern, Murphy’s, JP’s Tavern, Cheers, Albies, The Doghouse, 12 North, Tom Jones Bar, Crossroads, Nothin’ Fancy, The Country Rock Café, Hooligans, The Gathering Place, Quigly’s, Downtown Manhattans, The Wet Spot, The Mill, Station 58, Champ’s Sport Bar, Club W, The Checkpoint Tavern, Jake’s Grub & Grog, Frank’s Country Roadhouse, D.S. Humphreys, Nino’s, Shamrocks, Boneshakers, Hotel Adams, Northern Lights, Malarkey’s, 3rd Rock Café, The Dublin Underground, The Gaslight Lounge, Chuggers, Dominick’s, & Fusions. I probably missed a few… I also have to mention playing at Nikstock, Inner Harbor, The Boilermaker, The Utica Musicfest and a show at Fort Drum.

DG– Anything from those days stick out?

WWJ-I can’t think of any at the moment. I’ve had a lot of great times, as well as a number of not so great ones. Maybe one of these days I’ll finally write “WAYNE-THE BOOK” and/or a ‘tell all’ book about CAROLINE BLUE-like I’ve been 1/2 joking about for years….

DG– Sounds like an interesting story, so what’s up now and what are plans for the coming year?

WWJ-I’m still active w/ CAROLINE BLUE. Music videos are being made based on the songs from our latest CD, “Not for the Innocent.” The plan is to eventually make a long form DVD based on these videos and then start to work on a new CD. I’ve also been dabbling with acting to a degree. I had a small role in Ron Bonk’s film, “Ms. Cannibal Holocaust” (SRS Cinema), and am currently doing a small role in Brian Hewitt’s film ‘Rise Up & Fall” (Hewitt Films). I just recently landed a supporting role in T.O.M. Entertainments upcoming film “Fallen Angels”-which also features other notable CNY musicians such as Tom Carpenter (Born Again Savages) and Terry Leroi (Titanium Black). Filming for that starts in July 2010.

DG– Wow, multi-talented and busy all around, actually meeting those guys for some future projects myself. So in the ‘big picture’ realm, what do you have simmering in the pot?

WWJ-There are several things I’ll be working on to get completed by the end of this year & next. They including getting that DVD finished (see last answer), promoting those film projects that I’m in, working / finishing / promoting a new CAROLINE BLUE CD, working on getting in better shape (I’m not getting any younger) and maybe even dabbling with some writing. In addition, I’m having a lot of fun with the acting experience I’ve had so far so I’ll be going for more roles as well. Getting my finances in order and building an even stronger bond with my Girlfriend, Jen, are high priorities as well.

DG-Of course, a staple of my articles are here, what would you say from the podium to everyone out there?

WWJ– I want to thank you all so very much for all of your love & support. It means the world to me. Thanks also to all my naysayers and doubters, because you help drive me forward as well!

WWJ-I’m very proud of everything CAROLINE BLUE has accomplished and most appreciative of all the people who have been in the band at various times. You have all helped move the band forward through out the years and some have even helped move it backwards (HA!). Some of the things I’m proud of is getting our 2 CDs recorded and released, getting positive reviews in Europe and the U.S., knowing that people are able to buy CAROLINE BLUE CDs at a store in Japan, having our STTH Disc distributed by Hellion Records in Germany & Melodic Revolution Records in the U.S., selling CAROLINE BLUE CDs via CD Baby throughout the U.S. / Europe / Asia, having one of our CDs being nominated for a SAMMY Award (Syracuse Area Music Award) in 2006, having pro videos made via UVTV & SRS Cinema, winning an award for best Original R&R Band at the 1st Annual Upper State Music Awards a few years ago and the honor of being able to play our music in front of all the great people who come out to our shows. Thanks all!

DG-So much more to this guy than I knew and all impressive! On a side note for those not in the know, Wayne does the best Paul Stanley of KISS moves out there.



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