07/09/2008-Limelight Magazine-George Austin-Massachussetts, NY

Write Up by George Austin for Limelight Magazine-07/09/2008-Massachussetts, NY

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By George Austin

-Because of lineup and scheduling problems, Wayne W. Johnson did almost everything, except for the drumming and the gang vocals on Caroline Blue’s first full-length album called “Not For The Innocent.”

-Johnson said the album took about a year to make and it was difficult work since he had to do all the guitar, vocal and bass work on the CD. But Caroline Blue is his baby, since he started the band, and he really cares about the music that he wanted to put on the album.

-“It was quite an experience,” Johnson said. “It was great, but I would like to do it with a full band next time. It was a lot of pressure on you.

-Monster Mike Merrifield, who is not the regular drummer for the band, played that instrument for the CD.

-The album, which was produced at Strangeland Audio in Phoenix, NY by Scott Patnode, came out late last year and has 12 songs on it.

-“I couldn’t ask for a better guy to work with,” Johnson said of Patnode. He was very easy to work with. It was a very good environment.

-Before making “Not For The Innocent,” Caroline Blue had put out an EP called “Slave for the Hourglass.”

-Johnson played bass in a band for five years. He has played guitar in various bands. Caroline Blue is the first band where he has done major vocal work. In other bands, he had done back-up vocals or sang a song or two.

-Johnson said he is looking forward to future recordings with Caroline Blue bassist and vocalist Johnny Sniper.

-Johnson said some of the songs on the CD have gotten some radio airplay. He said “Pain,” “Love Me Or Leave Me,” “Stay,” and “Nothing Will Satisfy You” are the songs on the album that have been getting the most positive response. “Pain” is a heavier song while “Stay” is more on the lighter side.

-“We basically play in classic KISS style, but sometimes go a little lighter or heavier,” Johnson said.

-On the new album, Johnson wrote all the lyrics and a majority of the music. Monster Mike made some suggestions on three or four of the songs. Caroline Blue was started in 2000 and has had some lineup changes since that time. Sniper joined the band in 2006.

-Johnson has been writing all the songs for the band, but Sniper has brought some material in for the next album and will be bringing more. Johnson said he has a backlog of songs they will be working on. He said he will also write new material.

-The band’s new drummer is Joe Boyle. Johnson said Caroline Blue just played a show with the new lineup and the performance went well. Johnson said the members of the band want to take it as far as they can. He said the band has made music videos, sold some albums in other countries and wants to keep building on that. Johnson likes the creative aspect of being able to come up with an idea for a song in his head , putting it on paper and then seeing it come to reality on a CD. For the most part, Johnson, who is from Syracuse, NY, is a self-taught guitarist and bassist. He has a bachelor’s degree in music from Oswego College, but said he learned how to play the instruments mostly through magazines, mail-order courses and from fellow musicians.


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