10/21/2002-UPDATES-Music Video-Letters-Links

-Hey! Bucky here! We got some new stuff for ya on what’s been happenin’ with CAROLINE BLUE.

-1st of all, Wayne, as well as all of us at CB.NET, wanted to say thank you to all those who have been checking out the UMTV Promo on the site! The response has been overwhelmingly positive! So many people wanted to check it out last week that the site actually went down temporarily for 2 hours cause we ran out of bandwidth! We have Hozay working on this so this doesn’t happen in the future. We should be getting more bandwidth AND space up here soon!

-CAROLINE BLUE also just completed shooting a music video for UMTV over the weekend! Our camcorders and cameras were there to capture everything! We should have a bunch of pics coming to the site soon! In addition, we plan on having a few new interviews as well. The video for the song “I’m No Angel” has a tentative release date of sometime in November on UMTV. After it airs, we’ll do everything we can to get it here on this site!

-We have a few new letters in the LETTERS pages and we should have a few new links on the LINKS pages by the weekend. Don’t forget that on the 1st Link page is a Link to Page 2. There’s all sorts of great links there. My favorite is Weaves Gone Wild-the place where Wayne gets his hair taken care of. They do really great work-so go there and check out the link and make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

-Don’t forget to vote on the Poll after you check out the Promo. And if you’d like to comment on it-or anything CAROLINE BLUE, sign our Guestbook. Even if it’s something bad -witness what that beyotch “Queenie” said about my baby! (…”Takes one to know one right??”-RICO……..”You’re not funny”…-Bucky). We should be having a forum up soon.

-That’s all for now. More news on the way. Peace.



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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