12/16/2002-UPDATES-New Bassist For CAROLINE BLUE and more!

-Hello! Satchel here. It’s been awhile since we last updated in here and we’ve got a lot to tell ya so let’s get started Boy Howdy!

-1st-there is now a new face in the CAROLINE BLUE camp! The newest member of CAROLINE BLUE is Brian Hamilton-also known as “Ham” to those who know and love him (“A lot of people also tend to call him “Bob” for some reason-especially when they call him…”-RICO). Ham is taking up the B-Ass Guitar duties left behind by Roy St. James. We’re still working on getting his stuff uploaded on the site, but right now, you can see his FACTS N STATS by clicking on da link. Welcome aboard Ham-ster!(“Man-is he gonna kick you for that one!”-Bucky).

-Just as important, CAROLINE BLUE’s video for “I’m No Angel” will be premiering this Thursday the 19th on Ch.98 (Syracuse) between 8:30-9:30 PM. It will also be shown on Ch.13 in Ithaca / Cortland at 10PM . Go to LINKS and click on UMTV for more info. We got an advanced screening of the video (“One of the perks for being here…course, being paid would be even nicer…HINT!”-RICO) and it rocks baby!! You can’t miss it!

-We’re also making changes to da site. 1st, we’re going from 640 x 480 res. to 800 x 600 res. Some of the pages have already made da switch-but some haven’t so please be patient with us. We’re also in the process of revamping all the pics on the site. Once that’s done, we plan on moving to a bigger server. Wait till you see what we’ve got in store for you!!! (“Why the melodrama??”-Bucky).

-It’s funny (“Oh really?”-Bucky) that we mentioned Roy St. James before cause Wayne is negotiating a possible show with him even as we speak. Rumor has it that it might be in the Oneida area towards the end of January. Wayne also gave us quite the interview in the current newsletter which is going out even as we speak-but it’s only available for those who have subscribed to the newsletter. What more reason could you have for subscribing??? Besides-it’s FREE!!! Just click on CONTACT and hit on da subscribe link-it’s that simple.

-We also have some new LETTERS and GUESTBOOK entries for ya ta read. Keep them comin! There’s also a new POLL up so check it out ! We’ll keep ya updated as more develops. Ciao!



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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