8/2/2008-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Bassless @ Schultzies Last Night!

-We thought WWJ’s solo show was strange enough last week, but this one was a first. CAROLINE BLUE performed @ Schultzies last night as a 2 Piece! It was a 50/50 originals / covers show. LIVE PICS 2006-2010 & FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS PICS have been updated. To hear how the show went, visit the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE BLOG. At least it seems that the number of band members increases per show. Hopefully by September’s show there will be a full lineup on stage!



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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  1. -Hi Everyone! Well, the show has come & gone and now it’s time for the recap! Friday night’s show was at Schultzies in Phoenix, NY . Set on the bill was Hollow Point, then Helo & then CAROLINE BLUE. Hollow Point never showed up but we anticipated that and Helo went on at 10 PM. They’re a young band from Oswego and I feel they did a pretty good job up there. One interesting thing to note was Dustin broke a string within the 1st few songs and ended up borrowing my back-up guitar-a 425 Gibson Explorer. The thing is, it was set to Eb tuning with the low E string being tuned down a whole step further down. Helo plays in standard tuning so it took a little while to get the strings on the explorer stretched so that it would-for the most part-stay in tune. Overall they did good and hopefully we can do some more shows with them in the future.

    -Then CB hit the stage. Now, some long time people might not know this, but we’ve kinda changed things in the CB camp. I’ll be detailing it more in an upcoming blog entry, but when we do our own shows we now do 50/50 covers/originals. Besides the fact that we need to do that to go on for 2 hours or more, it’s in part reflective of where we play. Anyway, here’s the set list…

    -Love Me or Leave Me
    -Love Gun (KISS)
    -Hard Life
    -You Spin Me Round Like a Record (Dead or Alive)
    -I’ve Seen the Light Tonight
    -Sex Type Thing (Stone Temple Pilots)
    -Slave to the Hourglass
    -Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
    -Won’t Be Home Tonight
    -Dirty Deeds (AC/DC)
    -Too Late
    -Talk Dirty to Me (Poison)
    -Dead or Alive
    -Wicked Game (HIM/Chris Issak)
    -Lick it Up (KISS)
    -Enter Sandman (Metallica)
    -Out of My Life (I Want You)

    -Now, this list might seem a little short for 2 hours. Well, it is 🙂 We had more material, but we stopped a little early. In addition, I was doing longer than normal stage raps-partly cause we had no bass player here; party cause I didn’t know if we had enough songs to cover the time.. At one point, it seemed like I was doing stand up comedy! As strange as it felt to be onstage doing a solo acoustic act last week, it felt just as strange-and empty sounding-with no bassist this night. I played mostly rhythm guitar. Did a few solos but not too many.

    -The set went ok for the most part. It wasn’t a train wreck, but the lack of a bassist to anchor things in was apparent-plus the band was loose musically so that didn’t help either. But we did the best we could with what we had and we pulled it off. I have to admit though-I really don’t want to do this without a bass player again.

    -A few CDs went out this night. In fact, one of the Helo guys got a free STTH CD (we give out a free CB CD at the beginning of every show), only to have it taken away (wrestled) from him by some older guy who was there! Meanwhile his band mates just stood there and laughed at him-no,no,no…just kidding. But that older guy did get the CD from him. Just goes to show ya how in demand CAROLINE BLUE CDs are right? Or maybe the guy just needed a new coaster for his den…

    -The turnout wasn’t the best, but I want to give special thanks to all those who were there. And for those souls who stayed till the end-you guys were awesome! As you can see we added a few new songs into the list. “Talk Dirty to Me” & Paranoid” were fun to pull off. “Enter Sandman” wasn’t really ready but we tried it anyways. It needs a little work, but I think it was OK. This was the 1st time the electric version of “Won’t Be Home Tonight” has been played & it went over well. This show also marks the debut of “Out of My Life (I Want You)”. I’ve been hesitant to bring this into the set cause of the distorted vocal parts in the chorus.’ I’ve tried some distortion pedals-even ones made for vocalists-but there’s too much feedback involved. I can do some of the “cookie monster” vocal style on my own, but it’s easier when you can do stuff like enclosing where your mouth meets the mic with your hand-can’t do that while playing guitar at the same time. But we did it and it was fun. One person told me that was the best song of the night! Course, maybe that was cause it was the last song and we were getting off the stage (HA!).

    -Strangeland Audio was doing lights/sound again and-once again-did a great job. Check out a show they’re doing and see why more & more bands are going with Strangeland-for live sound & recording. Big thanks for Helo and all the people who were there. Keep checking here & the main CAROLINE BLUE website for the latest! Ciao.


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