4/26/2009-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Rocks Out At Boneshakers!

-CAROLINE BLUE returned to Boneshakers in Ogdensburg last night and had an even BETTER response than their last show there! It was quite the event-and we have the evidence to back that up! LIVE PICS 2006-2010 are now up and we’ve added a bunch of pics to the FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS page. Of course, to get the real skinny on this day, you have to go to the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE BLOG and read WWJ’s show recap under the show.



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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  1. WWJ Show Recap

    CAROLINE BLUE Show-4/25/2009-Boneshakers-Ogdensburg,NY

    Hi Everyone!

    -Well, here we are w/ another show recap! This one is from last Saturday night (4/25/09) at Boneshakers Tavern in Ogdensburg,NY. For those of you who have been reading the CB blogs for awhile (and if you haven’t been-why not??), you may remember that CB had a great time & an awesome response to our 1st show there a few months ago.
    With that, we were anticipating a similar show and it turns out we even had a better time-and a better response to our show! Let’s get down to the skinny shall we?

    -We were to meet at Joe’s place at 10 AM (!) to get started to Ogdensburg-about 3 hours. This was Doc’s idea-so we could get there & have plenty of time to rest/relax before the show. Well, I was about 40 minutes late (big surprise right?), but I did almost get into a car accident. I was on the road and approaching an intersection. A woman in an suv was at the corner waiting. I’m almost there when she decides to pull into traffic! And no, there wasn’t a stop sign on my road. I swerved to avoid getting hit while blasting my horn. I was ok-so was the car-but I was covered in CAROLINE BLUE sampler CDs. What a way to start the day….

    -Then we’re on our way to Ogdensburg. I spent some time working on an interview for a website in Belgium. I was glad to finish it-till I realized I left 2 pages of it at home (it’s a total of 13 pages-41 questions).
    I should hopefully get this all done soon.It was a bright, sunny day and pretty warm-a nice day for a drive. Course, on the way we had to stop at a Cracker Barrel and eat more of their great food. The waitress, Jess, who served us last time wasn’t here. It wasn’t too crowded & we made good time.

    -Then we got to the hotel room. I was told it would be 2 rooms with a wall/door separating them and 2 beds per room. What we got was one huge room with 2 beds-one on each side. Joe bravely volunteered to sleep in a cot. We contacted the desk and requested that they bring a cot & some pillows/blankets to our room. We then left for Boneshakers to unload the gear.

    – We arrived at around 3 and got everything unloaded. We weren’t sure how the load up for the stage was being done till Greg-the owner-just told us to put our gear up there. We did so and sound checked with “Pain” Then me & Andy went back to the room to shower & change while Joe stayed w/ the gear.

    -There was no cot when we arrived so we notified the desk again. Then we got ready. I have to mention the soap in the shower-I think it was just a mineral bar or something. No lather and pretty useless. Oh well…

    -Then we get back to the bar. Pulling in, we heard “Over the Mountain” by Ozzy and Andy commented that someone must have the jukebox on. I said “That’s no jukebox-that’s live.” Crazy Train-an Ozzy Tribute from Boston,Mass. had arrived and were sound checking on stage. They sounded really good and extra kudos to Doug-who plays Ozzy. It’s freaky how much he sounds,moves, talks & looks (when dressed up) like Ozzy. They were really great guys & treated us well. We talked about doing some more shows together in the future.

    -There were about as many people here this night as there were the last time we were here. The guys from Fox 101.5 Radio were here and , of course, they brought the Fox Girls with them so we did some more photo shoots-it’s so hard to be in a band 🙂 Mike from 4th Coast Entertainment Magazine was here as well. We went on at 9:30 and played till 11:28. Here’s the set list…

    -Welcome to the Fold (Filter)
    -Piece of Me (Skid Row)
    -Breaking the Chains (Dokken)
    -Seek & Destroy (Metallica)
    -Detroit Rock City (KISS)
    -I’ve Seen the Light Tonight
    -Man in the Box (Alice in Chains)
    -Living After Midnight (Judas Priest)
    -Bulls on Parade (Rage Against The Machine)
    -Slave to the Hourglass
    -Voodoo (Godsmack)
    -Nothing Will Satisfy You
    -Shout at the Devil (Motley Crue)
    -Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)
    -Bad Girlfriend (Theory of a Deadman)
    -Sober (Tool)
    -You’ve Got Another Thing Comin (Judas Priest)
    -Rock & Roll All Nite (KISS)
    -Dirty Deeds (AC/DC)
    -Love Me or Leave Me
    -Enter Sandman (Metallica)
    -Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

    -This was my 1st show in using a 7-String guitar (“Welcome to the Fold”). The crowd response was good thru out our set, but initially people were a little slow coming up front. By the time we got to “Bad Girlfriend”, we had a lot of people in the pit & things went crazy! There was a table with a whole bunch of our sampler CDs that was empty by the time we were done. We also got a lot of new names on our mailing list and made a lot of new friends-as well as get re-aquainted with some old ones.
    Hey-we even got to sign some autographs! Check out the pics we took that night-we definitely had a fun night!

    -Performance wise, I think we did good overall. The energy level was probably the highest it’s ever been & we were all dead tired after we were done. Course, performing in warm weather under full lights will always do that to you-especially when you’re wearing leather. The only bad thing, really, was I was having tuning problems again. In fact, we started having the same problem with “Deny” that we did at Shamrocks with “Enter Sandman”-only this time I stopped the song, tuned up, and re-started. I know that’s considered by some a “sin”, but I didn’t want a repeat of what happened at Shamrocks-especially w/ one of our originals. Part of the problem-which I later was reminded about-was the guitar I’m using is set up for 9 gauge strings and I’ve been putting 10’s on there as of late. Why I don’t know. One thing I do know-I have to invest in a tuner pedal ASAP. I had Doc talk to the crowd while I was tuning a few times-and he did a great job.

    -In addition, our onstage volume was way too loud IMHO. It seemed like it got even louder right at “Man in the Box.” The wah probably had something to do with it. Even when I took the wah pedal out of the signal chain after “Bulls on Parade”, there was no relief. Have you ever had it so loud that you get disoriented? That’s what happened to me-and the fact that I lost my ear plugs at the last show didn’t help. From “Man in the Box” to “Voodoo” I was off pitch at times vocally. I pretty much got things back in order from “Pain” on. In addition, I was having problems controlling feedback the whole night. I’ll bet the next time when I look at the knobs on the amp, I’ll bet the presence knob is higher up. I wonder if there’s some special pedal/gear to help cut out feedback-I already have a BOSS noise gate pedal (with the gate set too high btw) (btw-I just came from rehearsal-the boost button on the amp pedal was to blame for a lot of the feedback/volume problems I was having).

    -Crazy Train went on afterwards and did an awesome job performing classic Ozzy/Sabbath material. I’m glad we were able to stay to check out their set. After all was said & done, we stopped to get some food & then it was back to the hotel. Still no cot. At least I was able to get some pillows & blankets for Joe. We ate, discussed the show & then went to sleep.

    -The next day went by pretty fast. I was the 1st to wake up-which means I’m the 1st to use the shower 🙂 Course, the water went from warm to scalding hot a number of times so that was a fun experience (sarcasm mode off). Then we drove back to Utica-stopping off at Cracker Barrell along the way. It’s Doc’s plan that, when we tour, we have to do it along the route with all the Cracker Barrels on it. I have to admit, they have great food. The temperature rose from the 50’s in Ogdensburg to the high 80’s in Utica. My car was like an oven inside.
    Course, I had to go to work to do some OT work-life of a rock star right? 🙂

    -A big thanks to Boneshakers & 4th Coast Entertainment for making this show happen. Thanks also to Crazy Train for the opportunity to play with them-hope we can do it again soonb! And a HUGE thanks to all the people who were there this night-your support/ encouragement is deeply appreciated.
    You people are awesome!


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