7/1/2010-PHOTOS-Pics From “Stay (Paid The Electric Bill Mix)” Music Video Shoot Now Available For Viewing

-Those of you who enjoyed the “Pain” music video might be interested to know that more videos based on the songs from “Not For The Innocent” are being filmed. The next one to be released will be “Stay (Paid The Electric Bill Mix)”-which was filmed at various locations in CNY on 3/15-5/30-6/27/2010. Check them out on the CAROLINE BLUE FACEBOOK PAGE and the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE PAGE. We will let you know as soon as the video is fully edited and available for viewing. Below is my recap of the filming…

-I was originally going to have this one done towards the end of the group of music videos we’re doing, but things change so you have to go with it. Once again I teamed up w/ Ron Bonk from SRS CINEMA LLC-he made our last video “Pain” and will be on board for several more videos currently in pre-production. Also in this video is my girlfriend Jennifer Gall.

-The story line basically goes like this. I’m outside wandering around-lost in thought about a past love. Suddenly, it’s like I see her all around me, yet whenever I get closer, she’s gone. I keep wandering till I get to a place-her place. I look inside & see her & I smile. That quickly fades when her new love enters the room. I’m crushed and walk away.

-The 1st shoot took place on Monday 3/15/2010 in an area behind Patty Trombino ‘s place. Originally I’d envisioned snow on the ground when coming up w/ this video and a week before the shoot it was still snowing off & on. Various reasons for delay prevented shooting earlier in the year. But that weekend before the shoot, the weather started to warm up rapidly-to the point that, on Monday, most of the snow that was around had melted. The area we shot the video looked kinda like a dead forest so we worked with what we had.

-For the most part, things ran smoothly-at least till the end. One funny moment-which did get caught on Ron’s camera-was when I was walking towards Jen and I tripped & fell! We’ll have to get that on a blooper reel or something. At the end, part of the story involved a photo catching on fire. I didn’t have any lighter fluid so I brought rubbing alcohol-which didn’t help much. I don’t know how many attempts were made to set them on fire. Good thing I brought a lot of extra pics! As you can see from the pics, I did have some fun moments while Jen was trying to light the photo on fire (HA!).

-Probably the most memorable part of the shoot was walking around in the mud-our boots were soaked! I still have residue mud on my boots. We were actually going to shoot a lot more than we did, but we ran out of time.

-The 2nd shoot was done on Sunday 5/30/2010 (see how long these can take?) Scheduling & stuff you know….This was at Ron’s place. This was the part where I see Jen with her new guy. An interesting twist is that the new guy is a more “domesticated” version of me! It’s actually something I’ve had an issue with in the past w/ certain people-almost like a “domesticated WWJ” vs. the “rocker WWJ.” thing. Just a little bit of symbolism in there…..

-This went by fairly quickly. BTW-the book Jen is reading is the Karma Sutra (Woo Hoo-HA!). Ron’s puppies were a surprise addition in the shoot. Course, to have continuity, I had to wear a heavy leather jacket and a hoody like in the last shoot-only this was now the end of May. It wasn’t as hot as I’d anticipated. Like a knucklehead, I forgot to bring my jacket so I had to borrow Ron’s. I got to do some acting with the faces I made & I hope I pulled it off.

-The 3rd shoot took place on Sunday 6/27/10 in a park at 7 AM. That’s right-7 AM. This was more just some filler scenes and things went by pretty quick. Both me & Ron commented that we have a lot of footage for a 3 minute song. We might have to make a couple of different versions of it 🙂

-No real complications here-except that at times it was hard to hear the boom box and I got 4 mosquito bites-including one on my forehead while we were still filming! Nice huh?

-So the filming is done and now comes the editing. Once that’s done and paid off, we’ll show it off. Big thanks to Patty Trombino for letting us film in her back yard; to Ron Bonk for all his work & expertise and to Jennifer Gall for her patience & performance in all this.


About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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