11/3/2017-R.I.P.-Rich Stahle (UMTV / UVTV)

-Last night I found out that UVTV mastermind Rich Stahle had passed on due sepsis (Rich had MS-multiple sclerosis). Rich was the creator of a TV program called Underground Music Television (UMTV) which was later renamed Underground Video Television (UVTV). It first aired around December 2001, around the same time CAROLINE BLUE played its first show. Rich, along with his future wife Jerimi (2008) and her sister Cristl would go to shows and film the bands of CNY at that time and make music videos of them to play on their show. Mind you, this was before You Tube was even around so their work made an incredible impact in terms of promotion and networking with, literally, hundreds of bands. They were even able to expand their coverage to higher level bands like Prong and Type O Negative, doing videos for them when they played in Syracuse. They eventually moved to Chicago and continued working with higher level bands.

-Speaking only for myself and CAROLINE BLUE, I know the band would never had made the in-roads that we did without the help of the videos we filmed with UVTV- which include “Mine, Mine, Mine,” “Slave to the Hourglass,” Live performances of “Hard Life,” “Too Late,” “The Queen of Pleasure,” “Mine, Mine, Mine” (which I’m sure he got sick of me trying to nail down a great live version of this cause we filmed liked 3 or more live versions of this) and even a live performance of CAROLINE BLUE, in KISS makeup and outfits (at least I was) playing “Detroit Rock City.” Not to mention interviews, promos (where “The Spotlight” was born) and much more.

-I hadn’t talked to Rich in awhile-due to my hectic schedule more often than not. It was cool that he sent me some files from his old band, Spoiled Rotten, to check out a few years ago. Last I remember, I’d invited him, Jerimi and Cristl out to Day of the Dead in Indianapolis, IN to say hi and even drop off a copy of NoSS on DVD to them back in July 2017. I’m sure he would’ve gotten a kick out of what I had to do in that film. I don’t recall ever being told that he had MS so yesterday’s post from Jerimi came to me as a complete shock. 😦

-Below is one of the first videos done for UVTV-and arguable the most popular-from back in 2002. I know the stats on the official CB you tube page don’t back that claim, per se, but remember Rich was doing music vids before you tube was around. In addition, there was another unofficial CB you tube page where the “Mine, Mine, Mine” video at least 6 times the amount of videos and comments than what the “enhanced” version does on the official CB you tube page.

R.I.P. Rich-you will be missed. Prayers out to Jerimi, Cristl and extended family.


About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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