9/1/2002-UPDATES-Facts N Stats-Links-Interviews-Studio-Photos-Music Video

-Hello faithful ones! Satchel here-ready ta give ya da latest scoop on what’s been goin’ on with CAROLINE BLUE! Let’s get started shall we?

-First, we have a new entry in the PAST FACTS N STATS page-and it’s none other than Randy Gray-the 1st guy to join Wayne in CAROLINE BLUE! Took a little while to find this-but it’s now posted. Click on the link and see what he has to say. We might even be able to get an interview with him down the line. That would be just Zippy! (“Satch-can’t you come up w/ another term?-that one is sooooooo lame…”-Bucky).

-We also have a whole bunch on new bands and stuff on the LINKS pages. Bands like THUNDEROSA, SINPUSHER, Tempter and THE BUFFTONES! What-you don’t know who they are? Well then, just click on our handy dandy link and check them out buddy! And, of course, we had to add some KISS links as well-big surprise there right?

-In addition, on the VIEWS (CB.NET) page is a brand new chat-interview with Wayne tellin’ us wassup with CAROLINE BLUE. Stuff like what’s happenin’ in the studio and such. (“Not to mention a few wonderful comments and questions from your truly!”-Rico). Click on da link and find out and get up to date on what’s up. (“Isn’t that why they click on the NEWS Link?”-Bucky……”Be nice Buckaroo”-Satchel).

-Speaking of the studio, we caught some photos of Wayne in the studio on 8/14 and they’ve been included in our wonderful STORIES WITH PICS page! We have some more that will be put in the STUDIO page soon. We are also planning on revamping most of the pics on the site so you can just click on a thumbnail and get a really nice BIG photo! Nifty huh? Hozay’s on top of this and it should be ready soon!

-Plus-a new poll has been put up. Last month’s poll is in the ARCHIVE (PAST POLL RESULTS) section. Once again, it seems like our voters are aware of Wayne’s “Ego.” Well-this month’s poll is a musical one. So go on over and check it out!

-In other news, Wayne confirmed that he has been talking to the guys at UMTV and that there are plans to have a promo made in the next couple of weeks. In addition, there also might be a couple of video shoots as well-although we don’t have any details (“Yet-but I will get the scoop on this!”-Rico) as of yet. Rest assured that when we do find out for sure, we will post it here!

-That’s all for now. Keep on coming back to the site for more updates and info! We also wish to thank you for all your continued faith and support. Ciao.



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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