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11/21/2010-STUDIO-Recording of “Prey” and “Inside (Deeper Mix)”

-Here’s the recap of recent recording on “Prey” and “Inside (Deeper Mix)” -11/20 & 21/2010-I was at Strangeland Audio Studios in Phoenix, NY these 2 days to record 2 songs for possible inclusion on a movie soundtrack. On is a … Continue reading

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10/6/2004-SIGHTING-Wayne in Studio with Lovebone

-We just got a report in that Wayne was seen at Evolution Studios with Monster Mike Merrifield (Drummer for Dogs on Mars). Upon further investigation, we learned that both Mike & Wayne did backing vocals for one of Lovebone’s songs. … Continue reading

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7/18/2004-UPDATES-Studio Update

-A lot of you might be wondering what’s been going on with the eagerly anticipated CAROLINE BLUE CD. We just got word that yesterday Wayne got together with producer / engineers Dave Hyuck and Mike Jaffarian to start the mixing … Continue reading

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-Hello-Satchel here. We know things have been going slow here at the CB camp. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going on boy howdy! We have just recently received word that CAROLINE BLUE has finished all recording for their brand new CD … Continue reading

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-Things have been a little quiet for the band as of late-but that doesn’t mean that nothings been happenin boy howdy! First of all, we got the letters up to date and posted on the site. Click over to LETTERS … Continue reading

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2/10/2004-STUDIO-CAROLINE BLUE Back In The Studio

-While things might be quiet on the live front with CAROLINE BLUE, that doesn’t mean nothin’s happen at all boy howdy! We’ve recently found out that Wayne went into the studio with Monster Mike Merrifield from Dogs on Mars to … Continue reading

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9/29/2002-UPDATES-Links-Photos-Music Video

-Hoody Hoo!! Satchel here-givin ya the latest scoop on what’s happenin with CAROLINE BLUE. 1st of all, if you didn’t already notice, we redesigned our LINKS pages. We got rid of all the descriptive text and just left the banners … Continue reading

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9/1/2002-UPDATES-Facts N Stats-Links-Interviews-Studio-Photos-Music Video

-Hello faithful ones! Satchel here-ready ta give ya da latest scoop on what’s been goin’ on with CAROLINE BLUE! Let’s get started shall we? -First, we have a new entry in the PAST FACTS N STATS page-and it’s none other … Continue reading

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-Hello! Here’s what’s new with the band and the website. 1st of all, we FINALLY got all the pics from 6/15 up on the site. Check out FAN PICS to see them. -2nd, congrats to Wayne for winning last months … Continue reading

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5/27/2002-UPDATES-Facts N Stats-Studio-Shows

-A few things have happened since our last update. And of course, we’re here to tell ya about it! -1st, you’ll notice on every page there is now a link to our FACTS N STATS page. A lot of people … Continue reading

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