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3/29/2005-BAD KARMA-Why Can’t I Find The CAROLINE BLUE CD?

-A number of people have been asking what happened to the CAROLINE BLUE S/T CD and why they can’t seem to find it anywhere. We got the skinny from Wayne on this important matter…. -“For those of you who might … Continue reading

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-Hello-Satchel here. We know things have been going slow here at the CB camp. That doesn’t mean nothing’s going on boy howdy! We have just recently received word that CAROLINE BLUE has finished all recording for their brand new CD … Continue reading

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-Things have been a little quiet for the band as of late-but that doesn’t mean that nothings been happenin boy howdy! First of all, we got the letters up to date and posted on the site. Click over to LETTERS … Continue reading

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12/2/2003-UPDATES-New OOPS Page and Monthly Contest

-Hello everyone! Just wanna let all you handy dandy people know of a new feature we have on the CAROLINE BLUE site! We have recently redone the OOPS Picture page and, in the process came up with a humm-dinger of … Continue reading

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6/1/2003-UPDATES-Site Update

-Hey! Bucky here to tell you about what’s new on the site. First of all, the FAN PICS are all finally updated and are now on the site. Click on the link to check them out. -In addition, if you … Continue reading

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5/19/2003-INTERVIEWS-CAROLINE BLUE Interview Now On UMTV Site

-This just in-the Interview that Ham & Wayne did with Wonderbread is now on the UMTV site-just waiting for you to view it! It’s in Windows Media Player format and is set at 56K and 100K speeds. Might be a … Continue reading

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3/24/2003-UPDATES-Photos-Music Video-Listen-Forum

-Hello everyone! It’s been awhile but boy do we have a lot to tell ya! So sit on tight, grab some Cheetos and dig in! -First of all, we have moved everything to the new server! We now own the … Continue reading

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