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3/4/2007-GUESTBOOK-New Guestbook Coming To Site

-Hey everyone-it appears that the host of our old Guestbook is no more! Luckily, most of the entries have been archived and will soon be available for your viewing pleasure at the ARCHIVE. In the meantime, it’s gonna take awhile … Continue reading

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-Things have been a little quiet for the band as of late-but that doesn’t mean that nothings been happenin boy howdy! First of all, we got the letters up to date and posted on the site. Click over to LETTERS … Continue reading

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-Hiya!-Welcome to another update! We got a few new things here for all you faithful fanatics out there! 1st of all, we’re starting to post shots from the 6/15 show. They were taken by Cathy Doten (Thanxs Cathy!) and are … Continue reading

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