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11/8/2008-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Returns To The Half Penny Pub In Syracuse, NY

-CAROLINE BLUE performed at The Half Penny Pub in Syracuse, NY Saturday night with Special Guests Lovebone. The show went off great with both bands getting some good response from the crowd. LIVE PICS 2006-2010 are up as well as … Continue reading

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1/21/2007-CAROLINE BLUE Returns to Rome, NY

-CAROLINE BLUE played out at The Gathering Place in Rome, NY last night with LoveBone in support. Due to the bad weather out, the crowd wasn’t huge, but that didn’t deter the bands from giving their all. LIVE PICS 2006-2010 … Continue reading

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10/22/2005-UPDATES-Back So Soon???

-After only 1 week, CAROLINE BLUE was back at the Half Penny Pub to deliver it’s hard brand of Rock & Roll! Joining them were Lovebone and Zadoc…& the Nightmare. The crowd was very receptive to all the bands and … Continue reading

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5/27/2005-BAD KARMA-Former CAROLINE BLUE Member in Hospital!

-It has been reported that former member of CAROLINE BLUE (and current member of LoveBone)-Roy Coston-was rushed to a hospital earlier this week. We have been told that he had suffered a stroke-the cause of which remains currently unknown. Currently, … Continue reading

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3/6/2005-MESSAGE FROM WWJ-Message From Wayne

-Hey everyone! Just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who was out at Murphy’s last night! Things went over very well & we really appreciate your support. We also want to give thanks for Love Bone, Haunted By … Continue reading

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2/5/2005-MESSAGE FROM WWJ-Message From Wayne

-Hey everyone-just want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who showed up at Murphy’s last night. Things were a little loose, but we still had a great time. I also want to thank Love Bone, Sundae Crush, and 3 … Continue reading

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12/6/2004-MESSAGE FROM WWJ-Message From Wayne

-We just had an awesome weekend and I wish to give a big thanks to all the bands we jammed with-LoveBone, Wagner & The Born Again Rebels. We had a good time both nights. We also want to thank all … Continue reading

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11/28/2004-MESSAGE FROM WWJ-Message From Wayne

-Wow-What a night! 1st off-we want to give a huge thanks to Zadoc & The Nightmare and LoveBone for helping us to rock Gatherings in Phoenix. We also want to give a big thanks to the crew of UMTV-Rich, Kassandra, … Continue reading

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10/6/2004-SIGHTING-Wayne in Studio with Lovebone

-We just got a report in that Wayne was seen at Evolution Studios with Monster Mike Merrifield (Drummer for Dogs on Mars). Upon further investigation, we learned that both Mike & Wayne did backing vocals for one of Lovebone’s songs. … Continue reading

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11/23/2003-SIGHTING-Wayne Onstage With Lovebone

-Oneida-based band Lovebone was playing at a benefit last night and they had a few special guests join them onstage for a few songs. One of them turned out to be Wayne! He went up and sang 2 KISS songs … Continue reading

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