10/4/2008-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Live @ Schultzies Friday Night

-Last night CAROLINE BLUE returned to Schultzies (Yes-with a bassist this time) and rocked the house with a combination of covers and their own hard rockin material! Plus they were in street clothes! You can go to the blog on the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE PAGE to get a recap of last night’s show. In addition LIVE PICS 2006-2010 from last night are now on site. And what would a show be without more of CB’s FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS ?

-CAROLINE BLUE will be making their 1st time trek into the Buffalo, NY area this coming Friday. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop on by!



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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1 Response to 10/4/2008-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Live @ Schultzies Friday Night

  1. -Hey everyone! We just had a wild night over at Schultzies! Here’s the recap of what happened.

    -We got into Phoenix by around 7-8 ish and got settled in. The Artists Former Known as Round 3 (now known as Defect) got there the same I did. I have to say-our 2 bands had a very Interesting conversation before the show (HINT-the subject was mainly about “bags of tea”-HA!). They went on at 10 and played an hour of covers from bands like Alice in Chains, Tom Petty, Neil Young, 7 Mary 3 and more. They did a good job-especially given a very recent lineup change. I have to admit I was looking forward to hearing your former singer sing, but I still enjoyed the show. Hopefully we can do some more shows together in the future.

    -There was a decent turnout here tonight. Much more than the last time we were here. Then again, we’d just lost our bassist at the time and performed as a 2 piece and-since I did announce it via bulletins,email,etc. it’s no surprise that a lot of people weren’t at that show. This show was the start of a number of type of shows we’re planning on doing for awhile. Let me explain….

    -CAROLINE BLUE is known primarily as an original band-and we’re fine with that. However, in the CNY area (for our style of music), covers are the name of the game. So we’ve basically have 2 different shows now. The “A” Show is for out of CNY/out of state shows. These shows are like what we’ve been doing-majority if not all original material and with all the leather and stuff. The “B” show is more for CNY when we do headlining shows and even some of the openers-depending on who we play with. That show is 50/50 originals/covers and we’re just in street clothes. So far, things seem to be working with this. There are times when things with the “B” show might change a little bit-in fact, an example of that happened this night.

    -We went on around 11:30 and played 2 sets until 2 AM. Admittedly the 1st one was longer than the 2nd. Here’s the set list…

    SET LIST 1

    -Dirt Deeds (AC/DC)
    -Love Me or Leave Me
    -Sex Type Thing (Stone Temple Pilots)
    -Living After Midnight (Judas Priest)
    -Talk Dirty to Me (Poison)
    -Slave to the Hourglass
    -Love Gun (KISS)
    -Won’t Be Home Tonight
    -Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
    -You Spin Me Round (Dope/Dead or Alive)
    -Out of My Life (I Want You)
    -The Queen of Pleasure
    -For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica)

    SET LIST 2

    -Nothing Will Satisfy You
    -Dead or Alive
    -Tears Are Falling (KISS)
    -Hard Life
    -I’ve Seen the Light Tonight
    -Far Away From Home
    -Too Late

    -I felt the show went good. A few mistakes here & there-but no train wrecks. Monitors were good for me and I was grateful there were front lights here. I was using my Iceman for the show-my main red Ibanez is being worked on. Hopefully it’ll be back in action next week.”The Queen of Pleasure” was actually in the 2nd set, but due to request, we played it where it’s located on the 1st set. (Thanks Mr. Halen!).And, if you notice in the 2nd set, there’s only 1 cover being played. So where’s the 50/50 thing Wayno? 🙂 Believe it or not, I did ask the crowd that was still there if they wanted us to play more covers or more originals. They overwhelming want to hear the originals-and we even sold some CDs this night. I have to admit, playing covers can be fun, but nothing beats playing your own material on a live stage-especially to a receptive audience.

    -Overall, we did a good job. We’re getting tighter as a band and it’s starting to show. We got some very nice compliments from the people who were there. More than one saying they couldn’t believe how full we sounded for a 3 piece. Course, a good chunk of that credit goes to the CB rhythm section-Andy & Joe.

    -We’d like to thank Defect for opening up for us this night-we really appreciate it. We’d also like to thank Russ (for the great job w/ the sound/lights) , Heather (for booking us there & helping to promote it) and for Pete (for putting up with us-HA!). Last, but definitely not least, we wish to thank all the people who made the trek out to Schultzies this night. It’s so deeply appreciated.

    -Next stop-CB’s 1st show in Buffalo,NY!


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