11/22/2009-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Returns To Boneshakers With KISS Alive

-CAROLINE BLUE returns after five months to the one and only BONESHAKERS-this time opening for KISS Tribute Band KISS ALIVE-this was a very wild night! LIVE PICS 2006-2010 are now up-as are pics of CB’s FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS! Also, WWJ did a show recap on the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE PAGE in the blog under the show topic. Check it out & enjoy!



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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  1. WWJ Show Recap

    Pics of CAROLINE BLUE live @ Boneshakers in Ogdensburg, NY on Sat. 11/21/09-also pics of KISS tribute band KISS Alive


    -Here we are w/ another late show recap 🙂 Last Saturday (11/21) marked CAROLINE BLUE’s return to Boneshakers. We haven’t been there since June. At that show we not only opened up the outdoor event that the bar had put together for the day, but we also closed it by playing 10-2! In the June heat-that was quite the accomplishment! There were some concerns about how well we might draw-with the last show, the theory was it would’ve been best to have played within a month or 2 later to keep the momentum going. Turns out there was a 5 month stretch between the last show & this one. How did we do? Read on oh faithful ones…..

    -We were set to open up for KISS Tribute band KISS Alive. I’d been in contact with them for over a year and we have tried to team up for awhile. They’ve played Syracuse before-and the last time they did, they pushed for CB to open for them. Not only was it turned down, but a band who’s music was described to me as “music for a wedding” opened up. Gotta love it right? Maybe next time…

    -So anyways, we head on up to Ogdensburg with no complications. Weather was good & the trip seemed faster than normal. We arrived even before the sound company did. 1st thing we found out was that the stage had been extended by 4 feet-giving us plenty of room onstage. Boneshakers really has a great layout for bands. Anyone who’s been to Boneshakers knows they have a cage in the club, but now they’ve added a stripper pole too. Go to the pics to see Joe in action on it (HA!).

    -So we get everything all set up, sound arrives and sets up and then we go to our rooms. This time out was really nice-a 4 bedroom townhouse! See the pics I took in the pics area. Very nice. Again, just one more thing that makes playing @ Boneshakers special.

    -Me & Doc come back to the bar (Joe always stays w/ the gear) and KISS Alive show up. They were following their GPS and ended up going into Canada! There, they had to pull over and get everything searched. Being the famous chefs they are, they didn’t want them to get their special “herbal” mixture they had so it went down The Demon’s pants! Then, coming over back to the US, they were stopped again! But it wasn’t too bad this time-one of the border guys not only knew Greg from Boneshakers, but he showed up later that night!

    -We did a few songs for soundcheck. “Paul” was saying we should do a KISS song, but I didn’t hear him-it would’ve been fun to do. Maybe next time.KISS Alive was using our gear for their show so we had everything set up in full-including our banner. Here’s our set list for the evening…

    -Theory of a Deadman-Bad Girlfriend
    -Nine Inch nails-Head Like a Hole
    -Motorhead-Ace of Spades
    -Alice in Chains-Man in the Box
    -Love Me or Leave Me
    -Alice in Chains-Check My Brain
    -Puddle of Mudd-She Hates Me
    -AC/DC-Dirty Deeds
    -Metallica-Enter Sandman

    -Yes, we only played for about an hour or so. Not a bad set. I think we did ok. Could’ve been a little tighter. There was a good sized crowd there, but not the size of previous shows. In addition, it wasn’t till towards the end where a lot of people came up towards the stage. We did run out of sampler CDs though and had a lot of people tell us we did great so that was good.

    -One bad thing was that, unfortunately, this marks the 1st CB show that hasn’t been video taped. Well, it was-but the camcorder was jolted before we went on so although I believe there’s audio on it, all you see is the floor. 😦 Till this night, every CB show-from all the way back to the beginning-had been video taped. Guess it was bound to happen at some point right?

    -Then it was time for KISS Alive to come on and they did a great job-these guys are a bunch of party animals! They went thru all the KISS standards-and then some. Doc got to hold the torch during “Gene’s” fire breathing part (see pics). I was called up to help sing “Tears Are Falling”-which went over very well. Several people-including the KISS Trib.- gave me some nice compliments on it. Later on me & Joe joined a bunch of womem onstage to help sing on “Rock & Roll All Nite.” Definately a party atmosphere on stage!

    -There were some interesting moments throughout the night. At one point there was a guy who wanted to give me his songs to record-saying he didn’t want anything in return. This has happened a few times recently. While I wouldn’t mind taking a look, I’ve had misunderstandings w/ songwriters before where things were agreed to verbally and then, down the road, certain parts of that agreement became unclear and or messed up. The right way is to have a contract signed before doing anything like this stating everything out before hand. It’s too easy to sue people these days. You have to protect yourself-cause no one else will. And no, I haven’t seen those songs….

    -Then I had a girl who told me shortly after KISS Alive hit the stage that “I want you to go back up there & sing!” Very nice of her to say right? Course, after the 15th time (!) of hearing that within 5 minutes……Then I’m walking thru the bar and I pass this woman who gives me a smile. So I go up to her-like I would to anyone really-and ask if she enjoyed the show, what she thought of the KISS band, etc.-basically doing the network thing and trying to sign up people for the CB mailing list. Well, I go outside and this guy comes up to me goes-“Hey-you know that girl?” Followed immediately by” That’s my old lady-you’re talking to her but not talking to me-you know her from somewhere?” Gotta love it right? I got things cleared up, but that hasn’t happened to me in quite awhile. And I didn’t even need permed curly hair to do it 🙂

    -KISS Alive finished and that’s when they really went into party mode. “Paul” was drinking pitchers of alcohol & lots of “herb” was spread around. And no-I didn’t partake in any of it 🙂 A lot of pics were taken and he wanted to know if we were all going over to their room to party some more. He made me promise-as he put it-from one Starchild to another-that I would be there. Course, then he had no idea what room they were in! Shortly there after, “Paul” passed out in the back room! He had to be carried out to his car-where I heard he threw up outside At least they got his makeup off before that. Me & Joe did end up going over to their room-“Paul” was passed out. “Gene” & “Peter” were whacked and singing this “Spoon” song that we couldn’t get out of our heads-thanks guys! 🙂 Believe it or not-“Ace” was the sober one-go figure (HA!). We didn’t stay too long. Got back to our place and I fell asleep pretty quick-right in the middle of a joke exchange going on between Joe & Doc.

    -I was the 1st up at around 10-too late for the free breakfast. But we were all up & ready to leave by 11. Couldn’t say the same for KISS Alive 🙂 Hope they made it back ok.

    -All in all, even though attendance was lower than normal, this was probably the most fun we had playing up that way. We’re already in talks about doing more shows w/ KISS Alive. Big thanks to everyone @ Boneshakers & 4th Coast Entertainment for having us up there. Thanks for KISS alive for jammin w/ us-you guys rock! And most of all, thanks to all the people who came out to see us this night.

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