12/12/2009-PHOTOS-CAROLINE BLUE Back At Shamrocks

-CAROLINE BLUE was back in Syracuse last night at the one & only SHAMROCKS! Although the attendance was low, that didn’t stop the Boys in Blue from giving all they had onstage! We are experiencing problems with our photo server, but if you go to the CAROLINE BLUE MY SPACE PAGE and CAROLINE BLUE FACEBOOK PAGE, you’ll not only see the latest LIVE PICS 2006-2010 and pics of CB’s ever growing FANS, FRIENDS & FREAKS, but also WWJ’s show recaps from those shows (in the Blog & Discussion areas respectfully). We’ll let you know when the pics are back up here. Enjoy!



About carolineblueofficial

CAROLINE BLUE is a Melodic Hard Rock / Metal band based in Syracuse, NY. Our music is similar to KISS with touches (depending on song) of Type O Negative, Dokken & Megadeth. The band consists of Wayne W. Johnson (vocals / guitar) and assorted musicians.
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  1. WWJ Show Recap

    Pics of CAROLINE BLUE performing at Shamrocks in N. Syracuse, NY on Friday 12/11/09.

    Hey now!

    -Here I am w/ another Show recap! Last Friday CAROLINE BLUE returned to Shamrocks in N. Syracuse, NY. The guys ended up there before I did because I had to get out of work and get everything together so I arrived later than I anticipated. It was a very cold & windy night & we’re getting closer to Christmas so we knew we had our work cut out for us this night.

    Here’s the setlist for the show…

    SET 1

    -Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman
    -Nothing Will Satisfy You
    -Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie
    -Where The River Flows-Collective Soul
    -Dead or Alive
    -Mine, Mine, Mine
    -Main in the Box-Alice in Chains
    -Living After Midnight-Judas Priest
    -Seek & destroy-Metallica
    -Check My Brain-Alice in Chains
    -Detroit Rock City-KISS
    -Dirty Deeds-AC/DC
    -Head Like a Hole-Nine Inch Nails
    -Ace of Spades-Motorhead
    -Love Me or Leave Me
    -She Hates Me-Puddle of Mudd
    -Rock & Roll All Nite-KISS
    -Stay (solo acoustic)

    SET 2

    -Enter Sandman-Metallica
    -Check My Brain-Alice in Chains
    -Bulls on parade-Rage Against The Machine
    -Tears Are falling-KISS
    -Talk Dirty to me-Poison
    -Breaking the Chains-Dokken
    -Cold Gin-KISS
    -For Whom the Bell Tolls-Metallica
    -Detroit Rock City-KISS
    -Enter Sandman-Metallica
    -Helter Skelter-Beatles
    -Ace of Spades-Motorhead

    -We had a low attendance crowd this night, but we still put in 100% to rock the people that were there. Sound was OK as far as I know. If they had 1-2 trees w/ 4 PAR cans onstage, it would help out a lot-and I don’t just mean w/ the pics/video. We all had a few errors attributed to low light-but you make due you know?

    -During “Seek & Destroy” our banner fell off the wall. I actually didn’t know that unti I was doing a quick review of the video. During that song, I also injuried myself. I tend to do some headbanging when we play that song and towards the end I felt a sharp pain in the right trapezious (sp) muscle-thqat’s the muscle between the neck & the shoulder. As you can see by the list, that was a little early in the list, so I just soldiered on while hurting-and it got worse as we progressed into the night. Again-you make due right?

    -Then during “Rock & Roll All Nite”, Doc breaks a bass string so I did a solo acoustic version of “Stay” before calling a break. I felt it was one of the best deliveries I’ve done w/ the song-unfortunately, the camcorder had run out of tape 2 songs earlier.

    -We had our break & got things situated as well as talked w/ the people who were there. We actually had a few of our friends come up and sing on some songs.-one of them (Helter Skelter) we’d never played as a band before. And, at one point, me & Doc sang, accapela, the chorus & 1st verse of the song “Fish Heads” (Barnes & Barnes)-there’s your 80’s flashback for ya! 🙂

    -We want to thank Steve & Barb for having us back again & all the people who came out to see us-new friends & old friends. We hope you had a good time. We;ll be back in February. Till then, from all of us @ CB-have a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!

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