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8/12/2011-WRITE UP-CAROLINE BLUE In Breath-Fresher (Japan)

-CAROLINE BLUE has been written up on the Japanese website “Breath-Fresher.” In addition to this, 2 of CAROLINE BLUE videos are featured-“I’ve Seen The Light Tonight” & “Pain.” Check it out on the VIEWS page.

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7/9/2008-INTERVIEW-Limelight Magazine-Massachussetts-USA

-Hi everyone! We’ve just been informed that the latest issue of Limelight Magazine has CAROLINE BLUE in it! There’s an interview with WWJ on page 5 and an ad for their new “Not For The Innocent” CD on pg.31. Limelight … Continue reading

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4/14/2006-WRITE UP-CAROLINE BLUE Reviewed by Doc Roc

-CAROLINE BLUE has just recently been review by My Space’s own Doc Roc! Go to our VIEWS page to check it out!

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1/19/2006-WRITE UP-Mid York Interview With Wayne

-The Mid York Weekly Newspaper just ran a recent interview with Wayne and we now have it for the site! It’s pretty cool and a little in-depth so go over to the VIEWS page and check it out!

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4/21/2002-UPDATES-Guestbook / Poll Now Working-Write Up-Change in the Air

Hello everyone! Glad you could make it! We apologize that, for the last few days, the guestbook and monthly poll were not working. We don’t know why it shut down, but they are both back up so forge on ahead … Continue reading

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4/7/2002-UPDATES-Polls-Facts N Stats-Watch-Writeup-Studio

-Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday. A lot has been happening w/ CAROLINE BLUE in the last month and we’re here ta give ya da skinny on it! So let’s go! -1st off, March’s Monthly Poll had a HUGE … Continue reading

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